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Given a characteristic class on a locally ordered combinatorial manifold M there exists a cocycle which represents the class on M and is locally defined, i.e. its value on a E M depends only on theExpand
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The flight from science and reason
"Evidence of a flight from reason is as old as human record-keeping: the 'fact' of it certainly goes back an even longer way. Flight from science specifically, among the forms of rational inquiry,Expand
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The euler characteristic is the unique locally determined numerical homotopy invariant of finite complexes
  • N. Levitt
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Discret. Comput. Geom.
  • 1 December 1992
If a numerical homotopy invariant of finite simplicial complexes has a local formula, then, up to multiplication by an obvious constant, the invariant is the Euler characteristic. Expand
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Algebraic and geometric topology : proceedings of a conference held at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA, July 6-13, 1983
Semifree finite groups actions on compact manifolds.- Torsion in L-groups.- Higher diagonal approximations and skeletons of K(?, l)'s.- Lectures on groups of homotopy spheres.- Some remarks on localExpand
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Prometheus Bedeviled: Science and the Contradictions of Contemporary Culture
An analysis of the role science plays within American society, with suggestions for a better interchange between scientists and key US institutions. The author suggests that science, by virtue of itsExpand
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On the structure of poincaré duality spaces
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Generalized Thom spectra and transversality for spherical fibrations
1. A Poincaré duality space (abbreviated P.D. space) of dimension n ^ 0 is a finite complex M with the following property. Let M be embedded in S, k large, and let Rhea, regular neighborhood; thenExpand
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Intrinsic transversality structures.
This paper introduces the notion of an intrinsic transversality structure on a Poincare duality space X". Such a space has an intrinsic transversality structure if the embedding of X" into itsExpand
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Poincare Duality Cobordism
Consider the following problem: What is the relation between the group of oriented cobordism classes of oriented Poincare duality spaces (denoted QPD.) and the stable homotopy group wrMSG, where MSGExpand
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