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Inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase in human skin.
The aim of this study was to investigate in human skin in vivo the role of nitric oxide in maintaining resting vascular tone, in the vasodilatation caused by local warming and by ultraviolet B lightExpand
Doxycycline versus prednisolone as an initial treatment strategy for bullous pemphigoid: a pragmatic, non-inferiority, randomised controlled trial
Summary Background Bullous pemphigoid is a blistering skin disorder with increased mortality. We tested whether a strategy of starting treatment with doxycycline gives acceptable short-term blisterExpand
Melanoma epidemic: a midsummer night’s dream?
Background  The reported incidence of melanoma has greatly increased and this has been attributed to ultraviolet exposure.
Cutaneous Mycobacterium kansasii infection: case report and review.
A case of cutaneous Mycobacterium kansasii infection is reported, and 28 similar cases are reviewed. Cutaneous infection may resemble sporotrichosis and is often associated with systemic illness,Expand
Acupuncture in dermatology: an historical perspective
Classical acupuncture focuses primarily on treating the person, and secondarily treating the illness. The “symptoms” are regarded as “branch” expressions of a “root” (constitutional) imbalance.Expand
Severe lower limb cellulitis is best diagnosed by dermatologists and managed with shared care between primary and secondary care
Background  Cellulitis is responsible for over 400 000 bed days per year in the English National Health Service (NHS) at the cost of £96 million.
Hypersensitivity in aseptic loosening of total hip replacements. The role of constituents of bone cement.
Aseptic loosening is seen in a significant proportion of cemented total hip replacements (THR). In a small subgroup of patients who suffer early loosening polyethylene debris is unlikely to beExpand
Vitiligo: the historical curse of depigmentation
Vitiligo has been mentioned in the tomes of every major religion, with its first description dating back more than 3000 years, to the earliest Vedic and Egyptian texts. Despite this ancientExpand
Pyoderma gangrenosum in association with Janus kinase 2 (JAK2V617F) mutation
Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) commonly occurs in association with various haematological and inflammatory disorders. We report a new association, a Janus kinase (JAK)2 mutation, in a 63‐year‐old patientExpand
Bacillary angiomatosis with cutaneous and oral lesions in an HIV‐infected patient from the U.K.
We describe an HIV positive patient with histologically confirmed cutaneous and oral lesions of bacillary angiomatosis, an unusual clinical presentation. As far as we are aware, this is the firstExpand