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Sequential-injection on-line preconcentration using chitosan resin functionalized with 2-amino-5-hydroxy benzoic acid for the determination of trace elements in environmental water samples by
The proposed system provides excellent on-line collection efficiency, as well as high concentration factors of analytes in water samples, which results in highly sensitive detection of ultra-trace and trace analysis. Expand
Sequential injection redox or acid-base titration for determination of ascorbic acid or acetic acid.
Two sequential injection titration systems with spectrophotometric detection have been developed and were successfully applied for the assays of ascorbic acid in vitamin C tablets and acetic acid content in vinegars, respectively. Expand
Simultaneous injection-effective mixing analysis of palladium.
A novel concept of simultaneous injection-effective mixing analysis (SIEMA) is proposed, and a SIEMA method applied to the spectrophotometric determination of palladium using a water-solubleExpand
Automated Online Preconcentration System for the Determination of Trace Amounts of Lead Using Pb‐Selective Resin and Inductively Coupled Plasma–Atomic Emission Spectrometry
Abstract An automated sequential‐injection online preconcentration system was developed for the determination of lead by inductively coupled plasma–atomic emission spectrometry (ICP‐AES). TheExpand
Sequential injection with lab-at-valve (LAV) approach for potentiometric determination of chloride.
The SI-LAV for chloride determination is very simple, fast, precise, accurate, automatic and economical, and the results agree with those of IC and titrimetric methods. Expand
Dynamic surface tension analysis of dodecyl sulfate association complexes.
First, a novel calibration method is used to expand the current understanding of spherical drop growth and elongation that occurs during on-line measurements of surface pressure using the dynamicExpand
On-line preconcentration method for the determination of trace metals in water samples using a fully automated pretreatment system coupled with ICP-AES.
An automated on-line sample-preparation method using a computer-controlled pretreatment system (Auto-Pret AES system) coupled with ICP-AES was developed and can be favorably applied to the collection/concentration of trace metals in natural water samples. Expand
Sequential injection analysis with dynamic surface tension detection High throughput analysis of the interfacial properties of surface-active samples.
It was found that the SIA/D STD method consumes lesser reagent and required significantly less analysis time than traditional FIA/DSTD, and the kinetic surface pressure signal of samples mixed with various reagent concentrations is observed and evaluated in a high throughput fashion. Expand
Flow-injection and sequential-injection determinations of paracetamol in pharmaceutical preparations using nitrosation reaction.
A simple FI and two different SI systems have been investigated for the determination of paracetamol by employing a simple reagent for a nitrosation reaction, and the obtained results agree with those by the US Pharmacopeia method. Expand
Determination of nitrite and nitrate in water samples by an automated hydrodynamic sequential injection method.
The developed HSI system with spectrophotometric detection was successfully applied to the analysis of water samples, employing simple and cost-effective instrumentation and offering higher degrees of automation and low chemical consumption. Expand