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The use of serum CA‐125 as a marker for endometriosis in patients with dysmenorrhea for monitoring therapy and for recurrence of endometriosis
BACKGROUND To estimate the value of CA-125 for the diagnosis of endometriosis in women with dysmenorrhea, as well as its significance in monitoring therapy and follow-up. METHODS One hundred andExpand
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In vivo study of biodegradable alginate antibiotic beads in rabbits
The authors investigated the lyophilized poly‐L‐lysine‐coated alginate antibiotic delivery system in vivo for the treatment of musculoskeletal infections. The sodium alginate was mixed withExpand
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Spontaneous resolution of severe fetal ascites in the second trimester: a case report.
BACKGROUND Fetal ascites is an infrequent anomaly. The prognosis for fetal and neonatal survival is poor, especially with the development of ascites before 24 weeks' gestation. The spontaneousExpand
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Effects of hormone replacement therapy on cardiovascular risk factors in postmenopausal women.
OBJECTIVE To investigate changes in plasma lipoprotein profile, hemostatic factors, platelet aggregation, endothelin-1, and cardiac function during postmenopausal sequential 6-month hormoneExpand
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Comparison of transdermal and oral estrogen-progestin replacement therapy: effects on cardiovascular risk factors
ObjectiveTo determine the effects of oral and transdermal hormone replacement therapy on lipid profile and hemostatic factors in postmenopausal women. DesignTwenty subjects were treated with oral E2Expand
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In vivo study of hot compressing molded 50:50 poly (DL‐lactide‐co‐glycolide) antibiotic beads in rabbits
The authors investigated poly (DL‐lactide‐co‐glycolide) beads as an antibiotic delivery system in vivo for the treatment of various surgical infections. In this study, the copolymer 50:50 polyExpand
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Successful treatment for solitary brain metastasis from alveolar soft part sarcoma
Following pulmonary metastases, alveolar soft part sarcoma has an unexplained predisposition to metastasize to the brain. Herein, a case of alveolar soft part sarcoma solitarily metastatic to theExpand
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Discovery of encysted Paragonimus westermani eggs in the omentum of an asymptomatic elderly woman.
We report a case of asymptomatic chronic infiltrate of the omentum by eggs of Paragonimus westermani in an elderly woman who had immigrated to Taiwan from mainland China 46 years ago. The patient hadExpand
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Upper urinary tract tumor in a duplicated collecting system: report of three cases and review of the literature.
Despite the common anomaly of a duplicated collecting system in the urinary tract, urothelial cancer in a duplicated collecting system is a rare occurrence. Herein, we present 2 cases of renal pelvisExpand
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Effect of terfenadine in asthmatic patients.
The bronchodilator effect of terfenadine, 60-mg or 120-mg single dose, and 1 week twice daily dosing, was evaluated in 12 allergic asthmatic patients. When compared with baseline, FEV1 roseExpand
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