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Coherent Conversion Between Microwave and Optical Photons—An Overview of Physical Implementations
Quantum information technology based on solid state qubits has created much interest in converting quantum states from the microwave to the optical domain. Optical photons, unlike microwave photons,
Nonequilibrium entanglement and noise in coupled qubits
We study the charge entanglement and noise spectrum of two Coulomb-coupled double quantum dots under stationary nonequilibrium transport conditions. In the transport regime, the entanglement exhibits
Artificial ion channels and spike computation in modulation-doped semiconductors
It is explained how networks of pn wires could be interconnected to construct fully asynchronous neural networks and these ideas are applied to the elementary XOR problem.
Electron-spin manipulation and resonator readout in a double-quantum-dot nanoelectromechanical system.
We demonstrate how magnetically coupling a nanomechanical resonator to a double quantum dot confining two electrons can enable the manipulation of a single electron spin and the readout of the
Quantum Fisher information as a signature of the superradiant quantum phase transition
The single-mode Dicke model is well known to undergo a quantum phase transition from the so-called normal phase to the superradiant phase (hereinafter called the ‘superradiant quantum phase
Magneto-optical coupling in whispering-gallery-mode resonators
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (Grant IDs: EP/M50693X/1, EP/L027151/1), European Research Council (Grant ID: 648613), Hitachi (research fellowship), Royal Society (University
Identification of spin wave modes in yttrium iron garnet strongly coupled to a co-axial cavity
We demonstrate, at room temperature, the strong coupling of the fundamental and non-uniform magnetostatic modes of an yttrium iron garnet ferrimagnetic sphere to the electromagnetic modes of a
Ultrastrong coupling between a microwave resonator and antiferromagnetic resonances of rare-earth ion spins
Quantum magnonics is a new and active research field, leveraging the strong collective coupling between microwaves and magnetically ordered spin systems. To date work in quantum magnonics has focused
Dispersive readout of ferromagnetic resonance for strongly coupled magnons and microwave photons
We demonstrate the dispersive measurement of ferromagnetic resonance in a yttrium iron garnet sphere embedded within a microwave cavity. The reduction in the longitudinal magnetization at resonance
Cavity mediated coherent coupling of magnetic moments
We would like to acknowledge support from Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, EPSRC Grant No. EP/K027018/1 and ERC Grant No. 648613. A.J.F. is supported by a Hitachi Research Fellowship. A.C.D. is