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Gauge symmetry and supersymmetry of multiple M2-branes
In previous work we proposed a field theory model for multiple M2-branes based on an algebra with a totally antisymmetric triple product. In this paper we gauge a symmetry that arises from theExpand
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Comments on multiple M2-branes
Recently a three-dimensional field theory was derived that is consistent with all the symmetries expected of the worldvolume action for multiple M2-branes. In this note we examine several physicalExpand
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Modeling multiple M2-branes
We investigate the worldvolume theory that describes N coincident M2-branes ending on an M5-brane. We argue that the fields that describe the transverse spacetime coordinates take values in aExpand
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Three-algebras and N=6 Chern-Simons gauge theories
We derive the general form for a three-dimensional scale-invariant field theory with $\mathcal{N}=6$ supersymmetry, $SU(4)$ R-symmetry and a $U(1)$ global symmetry. The results can be written inExpand
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M5-Branes, D4-Branes and quantum 5D super-Yang-Mills
We revisit the relation of the six-dimensional (2, 0) M5-brane Conformal Field Theory compactified on S1 to 5D maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills Gauge Theory. We show that in the broken phase 5DExpand
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Closed strings from decaying D-branes
We compute the emission of closed string radiation from homogeneous rolling tachyons. For an unstable decaying Dp-brane the radiated energy is infinite to leading order for p ≤ 2 and finite for 2$>pExpand
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The Self-Dual String Soliton
We obtain a BPS soliton of the M-theory fivebrane's equations of motion representing a supersymmetric self-dual string. The resulting solution is then dimensionally reduced and used to obtain 0-braneExpand
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Membranes on an orbifold.
We provide an M theory interpretation of the recently discovered N=8 supersymmetric Chern-Simons theory with SO(4) gauge symmetry. The theory is argued to describe two membranes moving in theExpand
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Nonabelian (2,0) tensor multiplets and 3-algebras
Using 3-algebras we obtain a nonabelian system of equations that furnish a representation of the (2, 0)-supersymmetric tensor multiplet. The on-shell conditions are quite restrictive so that theExpand
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Abstract We consider a more general form for eleven dimensional supersymmetry which is still compatible with on-shell superfields. This allows for the introduction of a conformal Spin (1,10)Expand
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