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Screening of Zingiberaceae extracts for antimicrobial and antioxidant activities.
Dichloromethane and methanol extracts of 13 Zingiberaceae species from the Alpinia, Costus and Zingiber genera were screened for antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. The antimicrobial activityExpand
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Antiviral, Cyototoxic And Antimicrobial Activities Of Anthraquinones Isolated From The Roots Of Morinda Elliptica
2-Formyl-1-hydroxyanthraquinone, along with ten other known anthraquinones (1-hydroxy-2-methylanthraquinone, nordamnacanthal, damnacanthal, lucidin-?-methyl ether, rubiadin, rubiadin-1-methyl ether,Expand
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Semisynthesis and in vitro anticancer activities of andrographolide analogues.
The plant Andrographis paniculata found throughout Southeast Asia contains Andrographolide 1, a diterpenoid lactone, which has antitumour activities against in vitro and in vivo breast cancer models.Expand
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Characterization of the components present in the active fractions of health gingers (Curcuma xanthorrhiza and Zingiber zerumbet) by HPLC–DAD–ESIMS
Abstract Curcuma xanthorrhiza and Zingiber zerumbet are two of the most commonly used ingredients in Indo-Malaysian traditional medicines, health supplements and tonics. Recently, a number ofExpand
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Establishment of cell suspension cultures of Morinda elliptica for the production of anthraquinones
Morinda elliptica (Rubiaceae) cell suspension cultures were established in shake flask system for the production of anthraquinones. The optimized medium formulation for cell growth and anthraquinoneExpand
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Antimicrobial, antioxidant, antitumour-promoting and cytotoxic activities of different plant part extracts of Garcinia atroviridis griff. ex T. anders.
Crude extracts (methanol) of various parts, viz. the leaves, fruits, roots, stem and trunk bark, of Garcinia atroviridis were screened for antimicrobial, cytotoxic, brine shrimp toxic,Expand
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Antiviral and cytotoxic activities of some plants used in Malaysian indigenous medicine
Ethanolic extracts of 61 medicinal plants used in Malaysia were screened for antiviral and cytotoxic activities. Antiviral activity was tested against the herpes simplex type-1 (HSV-1) and vesicularExpand
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Effective elicitation factors in Morinda elliptica cell suspension culture
Abstract Cell suspension cultures of Morinda elliptica were treated with different types of elicitors (yeast extract, jasmonic acid, Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus fungal myceliumExpand
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Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Properties of Some Malaysian Traditional Vegetables (Ulam)
Ethanol extracts of 19 Malaysian traditional vegetables (locally known as ‘ulam’) belonging to 15 families were screened for antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities. Both the disc diffusionExpand
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Anthraquinones from Morinda elliptica
Phytochemical studies on roots of Morinda elliptica have resulted in the isolation of a new anthraquinone, 2-formyl-1-hydroxyanthraquinone, and 10 known anthraquinones. The structures of theExpand
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