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Rabbi Levi Ben Gershon and the origins of mathematical induction
The part of the proof which consists of establishing (b), namely that if P(n) then P(n + 1), is called the induction step, while that part which demonstrates (a) is the basis of the induction.1 TheExpand
Studies in the History of Probability and Statistics. XXII Probability in the Talmud
SUMMARY Hasofer (1966) has reviewed some occurrences in the Talmud of the use of random mechanisms to secure a 'fair' outcome. In the present paper, probabilistic notions in the Talmud areExpand
Rabbi Hasdai Crescas (1340-1410) on Numerical Infinities
IN EVALUATING GALILEO'S STUDY of the paradoxes of the infinite, Carl Boyer declares that his "role was that of a Moses who led his readers within sight of the promised land, but who could not himselfExpand
An Archimedean tract of immanuel Tov-elem (14th cent.)
Abstract Immanuel ben Jacob Tov-elem (Bonfils) of Tarascon (France) was one of the leading mathematicians of the 14th century. A single copy of an Archimedean tract in Hebrew by Immanuel is known.Expand
1. Decisions and logic
Early antecedents of error theory
Galileo is the originator not only of the new mechanics which underlay the scientific revolution, but also of so much else in science that it was long the fashion that on discovering Galilean rootsExpand