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The evolution of the igneous rocks
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The Reaction Principle in Petrogenesis
It is now many years since petrologists first began to think of the crystallization of a molten magma in terms of the physicochemical principles governing the behavior of solutions. In the study ofExpand
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The system MgO-FeO-SiO 2
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Diffusion in Silicate Melts
Many well-known features of igneous rocks are clearly the result of diffusion. The growth of crystals is accomplished largely by the diffusion of material to crystalline nuclei. Inclusions oftenExpand
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The Behavior of Inclusions in Igneous Magmas
Many igneous rocks contain inclusions of foreign material and not infrequently these inclusions show evidence of having been attacked by the magma, some to a moderate extent and others to such anExpand
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The Later Stages of the Evolution of the Igneous Rocks
  • N. L. Bowen
  • Geology
  • The Journal of Geology
  • 1 November 1915
THE ASSOCIATION OF DIABASE AND MICROPEGMATITE The System Diopside-Forsterite-Silica Crystallization with Perfect Equilibrium Crystallization with Zoning Crystallization When the Crystals Are Free toExpand
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