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The Human Plasma Proteome
The human plasma proteome holds the promise of a revolution in disease diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring provided that major challenges in proteomics and related disciplines can be addressed.Expand
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Mass spectrometric quantitation of peptides and proteins using Stable Isotope Standards and Capture by Anti-Peptide Antibodies (SISCAPA).
A method (denoted SISCAPA) for quantitation of peptides in complex digests is described. In the method, anti-peptide antibodies immobilized on 100 nanoliter nanoaffinity columns are used to enrichExpand
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The Human Plasma Proteome: History, Character, and Diagnostic Prospects
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Multi-site assessment of the precision and reproducibility of multiple reaction monitoring–based measurements of proteins in plasma
Verification of candidate biomarkers relies upon specific, quantitative assays optimized for selective detection of target proteins, and is increasingly viewed as a critical step in the discoveryExpand
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The Human Plasma Proteome
We have merged four different views of the human plasma proteome, based on different methodologies, into a single nonredundant list of 1175 distinct gene products. The methodologies used were 1)Expand
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Multiple Reaction Monitoring-based, Multiplexed, Absolute Quantitation of 45 Proteins in Human Plasma*
Mass spectrometry-based multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) quantitation of proteins can dramatically impact the discovery and quantitation of biomarkers via rapid, targeted, multiplexed proteinExpand
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A List of Candidate Cancer Biomarkers for Targeted Proteomics
We have compiled from literature and other sources a list of 1261 proteins believed to be differentially expressed in human cancer. These proteins, only some of which have been detected in plasma toExpand
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The clinical plasma proteome: a survey of clinical assays for proteins in plasma and serum.
An analysis of all US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals for protein-based assays through 2008 reveals 109 unique protein targets in plasma or serum, as well as 62 additional tests forExpand
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The human serum proteome: Display of nearly 3700 chromatographically separated protein spots on two‐dimensional electrophoresis gels and identification of 325 distinct proteins
Plasma, the soluble component of the human blood, is believed to harbor thousands of distinct proteins, which originate from a variety of cells and tissues through either active secretion or leakageExpand
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Sweetening the pot: adding glycosylation to the biomarker discovery equation.
BACKGROUND Cancer has profound effects on gene expression, including a cell's glycosylation machinery. Thus, tumors produce glycoproteins that carry oligosaccharides with structures that are markedlyExpand
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