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The Virtual Family--development of surface-based anatomical models of two adults and two children for dosimetric simulations.
The objective of this study was to develop anatomically correct whole body human models of an adult male (34 years old), an adult female (26 years old) and two children (an 11-year-old girl) for the optimized evaluation of electromagnetic exposure. Expand
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Electromagnetic fields, such as those from mobile phones, alter regional cerebral blood flow and sleep and waking EEG
Usage of mobile phones is rapidly increasing, but there is limited data on the possible effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure on brain physiology. We investigated the effect of EMF vs. shamExpand
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Noninvasive Deep Brain Stimulation via Temporally Interfering Electric Fields
Summary We report a noninvasive strategy for electrically stimulating neurons at depth. By delivering to the brain multiple electric fields at frequencies too high to recruit neural firing, but whichExpand
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An Attempt to Model the Human Body as a Communication Channel
In this paper, galvanic coupling is presented as a promising approach for wireless intra-body communication between on-body sensors. Expand
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Electromagnetic fields affect transcript levels of apoptosis‐related genes in embryonic stem cell‐derived neural progenitor cells
Mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells were used as an experimental model to study the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF). ES‐derived nestin‐positive neural progenitor cells were exposed to extremelyExpand
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Exposure to pulsed high‐frequency electromagnetic field during waking affects human sleep EEG
The aim of the study was to investigate whether the electro-magnetic field (EMF) emitted by digital radiotelephone handsets affects brain physiology. Healthy, young male subjects were exposed for 30Expand
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Comparisons of computed mobile phone induced SAR in the SAM phantom to that in anatomically correct models of the human head
The specific absorption rates (SAR) determined computationally in the specific anthropomorphic mannequin (SAM) and anatomically correct models of the human head when exposed to a mobile phone modelExpand
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Energy absorption mechanism by biological bodies in the near field of dipole antennas above 300 MHz
The energy absorption mechanism in the close near field of dipole antennas is studied by numerical simulations. Expand
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High peak SAR exposure unit with tight exposure and environmental control for in vitro experiments at 1800 MHz
The objective of this study was to develop, optimize, and characterize a flexible and reliable unit for standardized and well-controlled electromagnetic-field exposure of cells in vitro. TheExpand
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