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A Model and Selected Instances of Green and Sustainable Software
We present an approach for a model of sustainable software that tries to handle both challenges: Reducing the energy consumption of ICT itself and using ICT to contribute to other goals of “Sustainable Development”. Expand
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A DAI approach to modeling the transportation domain
A central problem in the study of autonomous cooperating systems is that of how to establish mechanisms for controlling the interactions between different parts (which are called agents) of theExpand
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A method for enumerating cosets of a group presented by a canonical system
The application of rewriting techniques to enumerate cosets of subgroups in groups is investigated. Expand
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Modeling the transportation domain
The transportation domain is presented as a multi-agent scenario and the use of techniques of Distributed Artificial Intelligence for solving cooperatively the hard problems that occur in this domain are demonstrated. Expand
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A Note on t-Convex Functions
In this note we discuss convexity properties of functions f: I→ [−∞,∞[ defined on an interval I⊂ℝ. One of our main results is the following: If the function f: I→ [−∞,∞[ satisfies the convexityExpand
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Über die Identität eines sogenannten Ammoniumcarbonat‐Präparates
On the Identity of a so-called Ammonium Carbonate Sample Commercial samples of so-called “ammionum carbonate” are shown to contain ammonium carbamate rather than ammonium carbonate. In factExpand
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Derivate des Imidazols, XIII. Carben‐Komplexe des Siliciums und Zinns
Imidazole Derivatives, XIII. – Carbene Complexes of Silicon and Tin1 Stable adducts of the composition L · SiCl4 (2), L · SiR2Cl2 (3,4), and L · SnR2Cl2 (6) are formed by the reaction of theExpand
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Voraussetzungen und Ergebnisse der Östrogenbehandlung extrem großer Mädchen
Die kurzlich erschienene Arbeit zur Ostrogentherapie hochwuchsiger Madchen [3] veranlast uns, auch anhand eigener Daten die Zuverlassigkeit der unterschiedlichen Verfahren zur Beurteilung derExpand
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Document management for elderly people
The demographic change in European societies has lead to increased attention for the needs of elderly people. Techniques and tools to support their independent living at home are of particularExpand
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