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Auditory Brain Stem Response to Complex Sounds: A Tutorial
This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of the methodological approach to collecting and analyzing auditory brain stem responses to complex sounds (cABRs). cABRs provide a window into howExpand
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Musical experience shapes human brainstem encoding of linguistic pitch patterns
Music and speech are very cognitively demanding auditory phenomena generally attributed to cortical rather than subcortical circuitry. We examined brainstem encoding of linguistic pitch and foundExpand
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Brainstem responses to speech syllables
OBJECTIVE To establish reliable procedures and normative values to quantify brainstem encoding of speech sounds. METHODS Auditory brainstem responses to speech syllables presented in quiet and inExpand
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Musical Experience Limits the Degradative Effects of Background Noise on the Neural Processing of Sound
Musicians have lifelong experience parsing melodies from background harmonies, which can be considered a process analogous to speech perception in noise. To investigate the effect of musicalExpand
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Musician Enhancement for Speech-In-Noise
Objective: To investigate the effect of musical training on speech-in-noise (SIN) performance, a complex task requiring the integration of working memory and stream segregation as well as theExpand
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Right-Hemisphere Auditory Cortex Is Dominant for Coding Syllable Patterns in Speech
Cortical analysis of speech has long been considered the domain of left-hemisphere auditory areas. A recent hypothesis poses that cortical processing of acoustic signals, including speech, isExpand
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Musicians have enhanced subcortical auditory and audiovisual processing of speech and music
Musical training is known to modify cortical organization. Here, we show that such modifications extend to subcortical sensory structures and generalize to processing of speech. Musicians had earlierExpand
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The scalp-recorded brainstem response to speech: neural origins and plasticity.
Considerable progress has been made in our understanding of the remarkable fidelity with which the human auditory brainstem represents key acoustic features of the speech signal. The brainstemExpand
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Developmental changes in P1 and N1 central auditory responses elicited by consonant-vowel syllables.
Normal maturation and functioning of the central auditory system affects the development of speech perception and oral language capabilities. This study examined maturation of central auditoryExpand
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Brain Stem Response to Speech: A Biological Marker of Auditory Processing
The auditory brain stem response to speech mimics the acoustic characteristics of the speech signal with remarkable fidelity. This makes it possible to derive from it considerable theoretical andExpand
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