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Some specific features of nitrogen fixation in the digestive tract of the European beaver (Castor fiber)
The European beaver is an important component of aquatic and bog ecosystems; in the European part of Russia, its population density reaches nine animals per kilometer of the coastline. Expand
Daily dynamics of the number and activity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in fallow and intensely cultivated soils
The daily dynamics (during 33 days) of the number (colony-forming units (CFU)) of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and of the nitrogen-fixing activity (the acetylene method) were determined in a gray forestExpand
Microscopic fungi producing nitrous oxide in nutrient media and in sterile soil
Different species of soil micromycetes from the classes Deuteromycetes and Ascomycetes were found to produce nitrous oxide under low partial pressure of oxygen and the presence of nitrites in theExpand
Microbial population of the digestive tract of click beetle larvae (Elateridae, Coleoptera)
It was found that native forms accounted for more than half of the total number of saprotrophic bacteria: in the larvae, Gram-positive cocci, enterobacteria, Vibrionaceae, Acinetobacter, and some genera of coryneform bacteria, which were absent in the soil and decaying wood, prevailed. Expand
Spatial Peculiarities in the Colonization of the Plant Rhizoplane by Microscopic Fungi
Spatial peculiarities in the colonization of the tomato, cucumber, and barley rhizoplanes by microscopic fungi were studied and Fusaria, Fusarium oxysporumin particular, colonized roots in earlier terms than the genera Trichoderma, Penicillium, Gliocladium, and others. Expand
Bacterial Communities of Regressive Spots in Ombrotrophic Bogs: Structure and Functions
The epiphytic-saprotrophic bacterial communities were dominated by bacilli during the dry season and by the proteobacteria during the wet season, and Nitrogen-fixing activity of the bacterial communities was found to be significantly higher in regressive spots than in non-regressive ombrotrophic bog peat. Expand
Impact of environmental factors of nitrous oxide reduction in some soil types
The impact of temperature, pH, redox potential, nitrates, and nitrites content on the rate of nitrous-oxide microbial reduction in a number of soil types has been assessed. The denitrificationExpand
Comparative Analysis of the Species Richness of Life Forms of Vascular Plants in the Middle Volga
A single quantitative index d has been introduced for the spectrum of seven life forms (LFs) characterizing the proportions of their species richness (SR) in the Middle Volga region at 25 sites 100Expand
Ecotoxicological effects of traffic-related pollutants in roadside soils of Moscow.
A set of higher plants and earthworms may be recommended as the reduced test-battery of relevant organisms for cost-effective assessment of the toxicity of roadside soils. Expand