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[Ultrastructural analysis of the effects of the aphakia gene in mice embryos].
A light and electron microscope studies of the lenses in ak/ak and +/+ mice at different stages of embryogenesis have shown that the earliest effect of the mutant gene ak at the subcellular level wasExpand
[Effects of a single dose of the mutant gene CatFr in mouse ontogeny].
A study of the lenses of CatFr/+ and +/+ mice at different stages of embryonic and postembryonic development by means of electron and light microscopy has shown that the effect of CatFr gene singleExpand
[Activity of certain oxidoreductases in the heart with disturbed vagus innervation in hypoxia].
Hydrocyclones for the chemical industry and cleaning devices for circulating and waste water
It is pointed out that the operating indicators of a hydrocyclone will depend on its structural and regime operating parameters, while its standard size will be determined by the diameter of itsExpand