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NEC Cenju-3: a microprocessor-based parallel computer
  • N. Koike
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 8th International Parallel…
  • 1 April 1994
Presents the design considerations, machine architecture, and parallel programming environment for the parallel machine Cenju-3, the first massively parallel processor product of NEC. Cenju-3Expand
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A New Remote Laboratory for Hardware Experiment with Shared Resources and Service Management
  • N. Fujii, N. Koike
  • Computer Science
  • Third International Conference on Information…
  • 4 July 2005
A new remote laboratory system for hardware experiment has been developed. It employs shared resources and enhanced service management scheme based on the Web services. Wide spread use of theExpand
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A time-sharing remote laboratory for hardware design and experiment with shared resources and service management
  • N. Fujii, N. Koike
  • Computer Science
  • 6th International Conference on Information…
  • 7 July 2005
A new remote laboratory system for learning hardware designs and experiment of digital circuits has been developed. Wide use of the Internet motivated us to develop seamless remote and actualExpand
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An E-Learning System Based on the Top-Down Method and the Cellular Models
As the broadband connectivity to the Internet becomes common, Web based e-learning and distance learning have come to play the central roles for self-learning, where learners are given muchExpand
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Work in progress -a dual mode remote laboratory system supporting both real-time and batch controls by making use of virtual machines
This paper describes a dual mode remote laboratory system for an educational hardware experiment. There are two different approaches, namely real-time and batch modes, which control a laboratoryExpand
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HAL: A High-Speed Logic Simulation Machine
The architecture of a very-high-speed logic simulation machine (HAL), which can simulate up to one-half million gates and 2M-byte memory chips at a 5 ms clock speed, is described. This machine makesExpand
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An FPGA-based remote laboratory: Implementing semi-automatic experiments in the hybrid cloud
An FPGA-based remote laboratory implemented in a hybrid cloud for semi-automatic FPGA-run experiments (SAFRE) is presented. The design file and the FPGA test flow file including the FPGA-runExpand
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Cyber laboratory: Migration to the hybrid cloud solution for device dependent hardware experiments
  • Nobuhiko Koike
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology Based Higher Education and…
  • 1 September 2014
Cyber laboratory for FPGA design experiments combines the actual laboratory and the remote laboratory in a seamless way in a hybrid cloud environment. The hybrid cloud consists of on premise privateExpand
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A Cyber Laboratory for Device Dependent Hardware Experiments in a Hybrid Cloud
The paper proposes a cyber laboratory in the form of a hybrid cloud, where the actual laboratory and the remote laboratory are combined. At the existing physical experiment laboratory, the limitationExpand
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HAL; A Block Level Hardware Logic Simulator
A special purpose hardware machine, which simulates up to one half million gates and 2M byte RAM ICs at a 5 millisecond clock speed, is described. This is accomplished with a HArdware Logic (HAL)Expand
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