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Instanton induced asymmetric quark configurations in the nucleon and parton sum rules
Abstract It is shown that instantons lead to asymmetry in transverse and longitudinal momentum quark distributions. Specific helicity and flavor structure of zero modes of quarks in an instantonExpand
On the twist-2 and twist-3 contributions to the spin-dependent electroweak structure functions
Abstract The twist-2 and twist-3 contributions of the polarized deep-inelastic structure functions are calculated both for neutral and charged current interactions using the operator productExpand
X(1835) as the lowest mass pseudoscalar glueball and proton spin problem
We consider the parity doublet structure observed in high hadronic excitations within the instanton model for the QCD vacuum. In the conventional approach this doubling phenomenon is treated as aExpand
Role of glueballs in non-perturbative quark–gluon plasma
Abstract Discussed is how non-perturbative properties of quark gluon plasma, recently discovered in RHIC experiment, can be related to the change of properties of scalar and pseudoscalar glueballs.Expand
Unusual Properties of the Central Production of Glueballs and Instantons
It is shown that instantons provide a natural mechanism to explain an unusual azimuthal dependence of the production of the even-parity glueball candidates in central pp collision. A differentExpand
New anomalous trajectory in Regge theory
We show that a new Regge trajectory with ${\ensuremath{\alpha}}_{{f}_{1}}(0)\ensuremath{\approx}1$ and a slope ${\ensuremath{\alpha}}_{{f}_{1}}^{\ensuremath{'}}(0)\ensuremath{\approx}0$ explains theExpand
Exclusive photoproduction of f1(1285) meson off the proton in kinematics available at the Jefferson Laboratory experimental facilities
We calculated the exclusive f1(1285) meson photoproduction cross section at an energy of a few GeV within the Regge approach. The calculation shows that the cross section is sizable, being in theExpand
Mechanism for the double-spin asymmetry in electromagnetic ρ production at HERMES
We calculate the contribution of meson and pomeron exchanges to the double-spin asymmetry in $\rho$-meson electromagnetic production at HERMES energies. We show that the observed double-spinExpand
Anomalous f 1 exchange in vector meson photoproduction asymmetries
We perform an analysis of the elastic production of vector mesons with polarized photon beams at high energy in order to investigate the validity of a recently proposed dynamical mechanism based onExpand
On contribution of instantons to nucleon sum rules
The contribution of instantons to nucleon QCD sum rules is obtained. It is shown that this contribution does provide stabilization of the sum rules and leads to formation of a nucleon as a boundExpand