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Place-Names in Israel's Ideological Struggle over the Administered Territories
Abstract This paper deals with the symbolic role of place-names as expressions of ideological values. Names are symbolic elements of landscape that reflect abstract or concrete national and localExpand
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Lebanon—a geography of hostages
Abstract The history of Lebanon is one of continuous sectarian conflict since the 19th century. The 17 ethnic and religious communities live side by side in the same settlements or regions, sometimesExpand
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Here and there: The Phenomenology of Settlement Removal from Northern Sinai
In discussing the removal of Israeli settlers from Sinai before its return to Egypt this article examines the sense of place with respect to a general perspective and the Israeli context. The authorExpand
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Particularism vs. Universalism in Hiking Tourism
•“Particularism vs. universalism” adds a useful dimension to the tourism and leisure of hiking.•Hiking is composed of two different systems: universalistic and particularistic.•The dominant featuresExpand
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The geography of suicide terrorism in Israel
Palestinian suicide terrorism has been a key feature in the latest phase of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. During the past decade, and particularly since September 2000, there has been aExpand
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Environmentally Induced Population Movements: Their Complex Sources and Consequences. A Critical Review
This chapter deals with population movements which are induced by environmental forces – the latter are broadly defined. The passing of the bipolar world gave rise to increasing concern by theExpand
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The territorial disintegration of a state : the case of Lebanon.
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Turning Desert to Bloom: Israeli-Jordanian Peace Proposals for the Jordan Rift Valley
This study examines the recent peace plans for the Jordan Rift Valley, located between Jordan and Israel. With the expansion of the peace process in the Middle East, a number of documents wereExpand
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The collapse of the Lebanese state
In the 1980s, Lebanon cannot be considered to be a sovereign independent state, and its government controls neither most of the territory of the state nor its people. Lebanon, which was establishedExpand
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