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Screening Chemicals for Estrogen Receptor Bioactivity Using a Computational Model.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering high-throughput and computational methods to evaluate the endocrine bioactivity of environmental chemicals. Here we describe a multistep,Expand
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Update on EPA's ToxCast program: providing high throughput decision support tools for chemical risk management.
The field of toxicology is on the cusp of a major transformation in how the safety and hazard of chemicals are evaluated for potential effects on human health and the environment. Brought on by theExpand
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Zebrafish developmental screening of the ToxCast™ Phase I chemical library.
Zebrafish (Danio rerio) is an emerging toxicity screening model for both human health and ecology. As part of the Computational Toxicology Research Program of the U.S. EPA, the toxicity of the 309Expand
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Predictive models of prenatal developmental toxicity from ToxCast high-throughput screening data.
Environmental Protection Agency's ToxCast project is profiling the in vitro bioactivity of chemicals to assess pathway-level and cell-based signatures that correlate with observed in vivo toxicity.Expand
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Integrated Testing Strategies (ITS) for safety assessment.
Integrated testing strategies (ITS), as opposed to single definitive tests or fixed batteries of tests, are expected to efficiently combine different information sources in a quantifiable fashion toExpand
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Non-animal methods to predict skin sensitization (I): the Cosmetics Europe database*
Abstract Cosmetics Europe, the European Trade Association for the cosmetics and personal care industry, is conducting a multi-phase program to develop regulatory accepted, animal-free testingExpand
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Toward Good Read-Across Practice ( GRAP ) Guidance
149 Received January 25, 2016; Accepted February 8, 2016; Epub February 11, 2016; http://dx.doi.org/10.14573/altex.1601251 t4 report* Toward Good Read-Across Practice (GRAP) Guidance Nicholas BallExpand
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Phenotypic screening of the ToxCast chemical library to classify toxic and therapeutic mechanisms
Addressing the safety aspects of drugs and environmental chemicals has historically been undertaken through animal testing. However, the quantity of chemicals in need of assessment and the challengesExpand
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A Computational Model Predicting Disruption of Blood Vessel Development
Vascular development is a complex process regulated by dynamic biological networks that vary in topology and state across different tissues and developmental stages. Signals regulating de novo bloodExpand
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Disruption of embryonic vascular development in predictive toxicology.
Toxicity testing in the 21st century is moving toward using high-throughput screening assays to rapidly test thousands of chemicals against hundreds of molecular targets and biological pathways, andExpand
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