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Topological defects and nano-Hz gravitational waves in aligned axion models
A bstractWe study the formation and evolution of topological defects in an aligned axion model with multiple Peccei-Quinn scalars, where the QCD axion is realized by a certain combination of the
Gravitational wave forest from string axiverse
Axions predicted in string theory may have a scalar potential which has a much shallower potential region than the conventional cosine potential. We first show that axions which were located at such
Efficient self-resonance instability from axions
It was recently shown that a coherent oscillation of an axion can cause an efficient parametric resonance, leading to a prominent emission of the gravitational waves (GWs). In this paper, conducting
Hidden axion dark matter decaying through mixing with QCD axion and the 3.5 keV X-ray line
Hidden axions may be coupled to the standard model particles through a kinetic or mass mixing with QCD axion. We study a scenario in which a hidden axion constitutes a part of or the whole of dark
Domain Wall Formation from Level Crossing in the Axiverse
We point out that domain wall formation is a more common phenomenon in the Axiverse than previously thought. Level crossing could take place if there is a mixing between axions, and if some of the
Level crossing between the QCD axion and an axionlike particle
We study a level crossing between the QCD axion and an axion-like particle, focusing on the recently found phenomenon, the axion roulette, where the axion-like particle runs along the potential,
Inflation from a Supersymmetric Axion Model
We show that a supersymmetric axion model naturally induces a hybrid inflation with the waterfall field identified as a Peccei-Quinn scalar. The Peccei-Quinn scale is predicted to be around 10 15 GeV