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Mechanism of Developmental Effects in Rats Caused by an N-Phenylimide Herbicide: Transient Fetal Anemia and Sequelae during Mid-to-Late Gestation.
Developmental toxicity results from PPO inhibition in primitive erythroblasts, causing transient fetal anemia followed by death, and inhibition of PPO in rats, rabbits, and humans by the herbicides in vitro is proposed.
New method for detecting antiandrogenic effects through the measurement of external genitalia in rabbits
A quantitative evaluation method for detecting antiandrogenic activity of chemicals in rabbits that are regularly used for developmental toxicity studies was developed and the lower fetal BW in CA‐treated males did not disturb the detection of the feminization of the ventral gap of the preputial lamella.
Maternal exposure to procymidone has no effects on fetal external genitalia development in male rabbit fetuses in a modified developmental toxicity study.
The results suggest that PCM has no effect on fetal external genitalia development in male rabbit fetuses, and species difference of developmental effects of PCM on sexual differentiation exists.