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Increase in DNA fragmentation and apoptosis-related gene expression in frozen-thawed bovine blastocysts.
Evaluation of apoptosis and expression level of apoptosis-related genes is useful for examining the variation in embryo quality according to environmental change. The objective of this study was toExpand
Microtubule and microfilament dynamics in porcine oocytes during meiotic maturation
Microtubule and microfilament organization in porcine oocytes during maturation in vivo and in vitro was imaged by immunocytochemistry and laser scanning confocal microscopy. At the germinal vesicleExpand
Assessment of the integrity of human oocytes retrieved from cryopreserved ovarian tissue after xenotransplantation.
BACKGROUND Previous studies showed that immature oocytes stored in ovarian tissue could develop to the mature stage after transplantation. However, the quality and competency of the oocytes developedExpand
Generation of Cloned Transgenic Cats Expressing Red Fluorescence Protein1
Abstract A method for engineering and producing genetically modified cats is important for generating biomedical models of human diseases. Here we describe the use of somatic cell nuclear transfer toExpand
Viewing-Angle-Enhanced Integral Imaging Display System Using a Time-Multiplexed Two-Directional Sequential Projection Scheme and a DEIGR Algorithm
We propose and demonstrate a viewing-angle-enhanced integral imaging display (VAEIID) system that uses a time-multiplexed, two-directional sequential projection scheme and a directional elemental image generation and resizing (DEIGR) algorithm. Expand
Identification of maternal mRNAs in porcine parthenotes at the 2‐cell stage: A comparison with the blastocyst stage
Successful embryonic development is dependent on the temporal and stage‐specific expression of appropriate genes. Currently, information on specific gene expression during early cleavage‐stageExpand
Stochastic anomaly of methylome but persistent SRY hypermethylation in disorder of sex development in canine somatic cell nuclear transfer
Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) provides an excellent model for studying epigenomic reprogramming during mammalian development. We mapped the whole genome and whole methylome for potentialExpand
Mobile phone use and risk of glioma: a case-control study in Korea for 2002-2007
Objectives There has been a growing concern about the possible carcinogenic effects of the electromagnetic radiofrequency fields emitted from mobile phones. The purpose of this study was toExpand
A Broadband Circularly Polarized Fabry-Perot Resonant Antenna Using A Single-Layered PRS for 5G MIMO Applications
This paper presents the design and the realization of broadband circularly polarized (CP) Fabry–Perot resonant antenna using a single superstrate for the fifth-generation (5G) wireless multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) applications. Expand
Epidemiological Characteristics of Mobile Phone Ownership and Use in Korean Children and Adolescents
Objectives As public concern on possible harmful effects of mobile phone in children has been raised, information of epidemiological characteristics of mobile phone use in children and adolescentsExpand