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Explaining employee turnover in an Asian context
Employee turnover is giving sleepless nights to HR managers in many countries in Asia. A widely-held belief in these countries is that employees have developed 'bad' attitudes due to the labourExpand
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Brain drain: inclination to stay abroad after studies
'Brain drain' is a phenomenon in which people of a high level of skills, qualifications, and competence, leave their countries and emigrate. One major case of the brain drain happens when studentsExpand
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Managing human resource for competitive advantage: a study of companies in Singapore
We see two major streams of research in the strategic human resource management literature: (1) the link between strategy and human resource (HR) practices and (2) the link between HR practices andExpand
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Antecedents and Consequences of Cronyism in Organizations
In this paper we discuss cronyism that exists between superiors and subordinates. Cronyism is defined as favoritism shown by the superior to his or her subordinate based on their relationship, ratherExpand
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From a blame culture to a just culture in health care
Background: A prevailing blame culture in health care has been suggested as a major source of an unacceptably high number of medical errors. A just culture has emerged as an imperative for improvingExpand
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A comparative study of HR practices in Britain and India
This paper traces the major developments in the field of human resource management briefly and then highlights the need for more cross-national HRM studies. The results from two parallel surveys ofExpand
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Medical Errors and Quality of Care: From Control to Commitment
Ongoing efforts to reduce medical errors and enhance quality of patient care focus primarily on technological innovations. However, important management issues that underlie about two-thirds ofExpand
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Cronyism: a cross-cultural analysis
The devastating economic effects of the Asian financial crisis and US corporate scandals have underscored the need to strengthen corporate governance provisions. Although cronyism has been suggestedExpand
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Building HR Capability in Health Care Organizations
  • N. Khatri
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  • Health care management review
  • 1 January 2006
Abstract: The current human resource (HR) management practices in health care are consistent with the industrial model of management. However, health care organizations are not factories. They areExpand
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Consequences of Power Distance Orientation in Organisations
The cultural milieu has a profound influence on employee behaviour in the organisations. In an increasingly diverse workplace and in a more globalised business world, managers, to be effective, needExpand
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