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High transverse momentum triggered correlations over a large pseudorapidity acceptance in Au + Au collisions at square root(s(NN)) = 200 GeV.
A measurement of two-particle correlations with a high transverse momentum trigger particle (p(T)(trig) > 2.5 GeV/c) is presented for Au+Au collisions at square root(s(NN)) = 200 GeV over theExpand
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Formation of Nanosize Griffiths-like Clusters in Solid Solution of Ferromagnetic Manganite and Cobaltite
We report the existence of a Griffiths-like phase over a wide range of x due to the formation of nanosize ferromagnetic clusters in La0.6Sr0.4Mn1–xCoxO3, the solid solution of ferromagneticExpand
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Field-induced spin-structural transition and giant magnetostriction in Ising chain $\alpha$-CoV$_2$O$_6$
We have investigated the temperature and magnetic field dependence of magnetization, specific heat ($C_p$), and relative sample length change ($\Delta L/L_0$) for understanding the field-inducedExpand
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Interplay of Mesonic and Baryonic Degrees of Freedom in Quark Matter
In this work we study the influence of mesonic and baryonic fluctuations on the phase dia- gram of quark matter with two flavors. By examining the hadronization process and related techniques, weExpand
PHOBOS at RHIC: Some global observations
Particle production in Au+Au collisions has been measured in the PHOBOS experiment at RHIC for a range of collision energies for a large span of pseudorapidities, |η| < 5.4. Three empiricalExpand
90 27 v 1 2 0 Se p 20 05 Analysis of Dynamic Multiplicity Fluctuations at PHOBOS Zhengwei Chai 2 for the PHOBOS Collaboration
This paper presents the analysis of the dynamic fluctuations in the inclusive charged particle multiplicity measured by PHOBOS for Au+Au collisions at √ sNN = 200GeV within the pseudo-rapidity rangeExpand
Flow in Au+Au Collisions at RHIC
The study of flow can provide information on the initial state dynamics and the degree of equilibration attained in heavy ion collisions. This contribution presents results for both elliptic andExpand
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A Method for measuring elliptic flow fluctuations in PHOBOS
We have performed the first measurement of elliptic flow (v2) fluctuations in nucleus-nucleus collisions. In this paper, we describe the analysis method we have developed for this measurement. InExpand
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The Phase Diagram of QC2D from Functional Methods
We study the phase diagram of two-color Quantum Chromodynamics at finite temperature and chemical potential. This is done within an effective low-energy description in terms of quarks, mesons andExpand
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