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Analysis of quasiperiodic and geometric optical solutions of the problem of focusing into an axial segment
An analytic and an iterative method for calculating novel quasiperiodic diffractive optical elements (DOEs) capable to focus the radiation into an optical axis segment are developed. A quasiperiodic
Design and investigation of color separation diffraction gratings.
The results of the experimental study of a CSG to separate three wavelengths are presented and the optimality of the scalar-theory-based solutions is estimated.
Research and Education Center of Diffractive Optics
  • N. Kazanskiy
  • Physics, Education
    Optical Technologies for Telecommunications
  • 20 January 2012
Problems relating to diffractive computer optics, prospective diffractive-optical-element-based (DOE-based) devices, and relevant information technologies are overviewed. Based on the studies
Achievements in the development of plasmonic waveguide sensors for measuring the refractive index
Optical sensors are widely used in the biomedical, chemical and food industries. They provide high sensitivity to changes in the refractive index of the environment due to a specific distribution of
Computer Generated Diffractive Multi-focal Lens
The method has been proposed for computing Fresnel-type multi-focal lenses on the basis of special-type phase nonlinearity. A multi-focal lens is represented as a mathematical superposition of a thin
Scattering suppression in plasmonic optics using a simple two-layer dielectric structure
We demonstrate that a planar structure consisting of two isotropic dielectric layers can be used to minimize parasitic scattering in plasmonic elements. It is shown using rigorous electromagnetic