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Quantum Monte Carlo Methods: Algorithms for Lattice Models
Featuring detailed explanations of the major algorithms used in quantum Monte Carlo simulations, this is the first textbook of its kind to provide a pedagogical overview of the field and itsExpand
Scaling relation for dangerously irrelevant symmetry-breaking fields
We propose a scaling relation for critical phenomena in which a symmetry-breaking field is dangerously irrelevant. We confirm its validity on the six-state clock model in three and four dimensions byExpand
Clues and criteria for designing a Kitaev spin liquid revealed by thermal and spin excitations of the honeycomb iridate Na 2 IrO 3
Contrary to the original expectation, ${\mathrm{Na}}_{2}{\mathrm{IrO}}_{3}$ is not a Kitaev's quantum spin liquid (QSL) but shows a zigzag-type antiferromagnetic order in experiments. Here, weExpand
Strong-coupling expansion for the momentum distribution of the Bose-Hubbard model with benchmarking against exact numerical results
A strong-coupling expansion for the Green's functions, self-energies, and correlation functions of the Bose-Hubbard model is developed. We illustrate the general formalism, which includes allExpand
Phase Transition in Potts Model with Invisible States
We study phase transition in the ferromagnetic Potts model with invisible states that are added as redundant states by mean-field calculation and Monte Carlo simulation. Invisible states affect theExpand
Phase Transition of Generalized Ferromagnetic Potts Model- Effect of Invisible States -
We investigate the nature of the phase transition of the ferromagnetic Potts model with invisible states. The ferromagnetic Potts model with invisible states can be regarded as a straightforwardExpand
Dimensional reduction at a quantum critical point
Competition between electronic ground states near a quantum critical point (QCP)—the location of a zero-temperature phase transition driven solely by quantum-mechanical fluctuations—is expected toExpand
Magnetic-field-induced condensation of triplons in Han Purple pigment BaCuSi2O6.
Besides being an ancient pigment, BaCuSi2O6 is a quasi-2D magnetic insulator with a gapped spin dimer ground state. The application of strong magnetic fields closes this gap, creating a gas ofExpand
Recent Developments of World-Line Monte Carlo Methods
World-line quantum Monte Carlo methods are reviewed with an emphasis on breakthroughs made in recent years. In particular, three algorithms – the loop algorithm, the worm algorithm, and theExpand
Application of a continuous time cluster algorithm to the two-dimensional random quantum Ising ferromagnet
Abstract:A cluster algorithm formulated in continuous (imaginary) time is presented for Ising models in a transverse field. It works directly with an infinite number of time-slices in the imaginaryExpand