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The Pro-peptide of Streptomyces mobaraensis Transglutaminase Functions in cis and in trans to Mediate Efficient Secretion of Active Enzyme from Methylotrophic Yeasts
Transglutaminase (TGase) from the actinomycete Streptomyces mobaraensis is a useful enzyme in the food industry, and development of an efficient production system for it would be desirable. Herein weExpand
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Effects of GroESL Coexpression on the Folding of Nicotinoprotein Formaldehyde Dismutase from Pseudomonas putida F61
The overexpression of fdm, which encodes the formaldehyde dismutase from Pseudomonas putida F61, resulted in the formation of inclusion bodies made up of aggregated enzyme, leaving little activity inExpand
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Novel Fusicoccins R and S, and the Fusicoccin S Aglycon (Phomopsiol) from Phomopsis amygdali Niigata 2-A, and Their Seed Germination-stimulating Activity in the Presence of Abscisic Acid
Our search for new 3-hydroxyfusicoccins structurally related to cotylenin A from a culture of Phomopsis amygdali Niigata 2-A resulted in the isolation of novel 3-hydroxy fusicoccins, calledExpand
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Structural Confirmation of Cotylenin A, a Novel Fusicoccane-diterpene Glycoside with Potent Plant Growth-regulating Activity from Cladosporium Fungus sp. 501-7W.
The structure of cotylenin A, a potent plant-growth stimulant with the most complex molecule in cotylenins from Cladosporium fungus sp. 501-7W, was analyzed again by HMBC experiments and X-rayExpand
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Fusicoccins P and Q, and 3-Epifusicoccins H and Q, New Polar Fusicoccins from Isolate Niigata 2-A of a Peach Fusicoccum Canker Fungus
Our search for new polar fusicoccins biosynthetically related to fusicoccin A from the culture filtrate of isolate Niigata 2-A of a peach Fusicoccum canker fungus resulted in the isolation of newExpand
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16-O-Demethyl Fusicoccin J and Its 3-Epimer from Fusicoccum amygdali, and Their Seed Germination-stimulating Activity in the Presence of Abscisic Acid.
Our search for new metabolites biosynthetically related to fusicoccin with potent plant growth-stimulating activity from the culture filtrate of Fusicoccum amygdali F6 resulted in the isolation of aExpand
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Hypertriglyceridemia in rats induced by consumption of a food-derived carcinogen, 2-amino-1-methyl-phenylimidazo[4,5b]pyridine (PhIP).
2-Amino-1-methyl-phenylimidazo[4,5b]pyridine (PhIP), the most abundant mutagenic heterocyclic amine produced in cooked meat and fish, is known to be a carcinogen for rats and mice. This studyExpand
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Single Crystal-To-Single Crystal Transformation of A Syn -Tricyclo[ 2,5 ]Octane to A ( Z , Z )-Cycloocta-1,5-Diene Under X-Ray Irradiation
We have observed that a syn-tricyclo[ 2,5 ]octane derivative ( 1 ) isomerized keeping the single crystalline state to a (Z,Z)-cycloocta-1,5-diene derivative ( 2 ) during the X-rayExpand