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The Berdiri Mawlid issue among Indonesian muslims in the period from circa 1875 to 1930
Etude d'une controverse entre deux mouvements islamiques en Indonesie, la generation anciennne (Kaum Tua) et la generation jeune (Kaum Muda) qui est influencee par le mouvement reforme Salafiyya: laExpand
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Transcending borders : Arabs, politics, trade and Islam in Southeast Asia
Engseng Ho, "Before parochialization: Diasporic Arabs cast in creole waters" Mohammed Redzuan Othman, "Conflicting political loyalties of the Arabs in Malaya before World War II" Kees van Dijk,Expand
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Muhammad's Birthday Festival: Early History in the Central Muslim Lands and Development in the Muslim West Until the 10Th/16th Century
This is the first monograph in Western Orientalism entirely devoted to the history of the birthday festival of the Prophet Muhammad (Arab. mawlid al-nabi). On the basis of historical sources,Expand
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The Voice of the `Ulamâ’: Fatwas and Religious Authority in Indonesia
Dans cet article j’aborde le concept d’autorite religieuse en Indonesie a travers l’etude d’un certain nombre de fatwas et de documents similaires. Par le biais des fatwas, l’« Oulema » exprime sonExpand
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7 Het laatste telefoontje
Ik ben mevrouw Sanders zo ongelooflijk dankbaar. Als zij mij die dag niet gebeld had was ik er niet meer geweest. De tijden van de trein had ik al opgezocht, ik wist waar de spoorwegovergang was enExpand
2 The Formative Years of Sayyid ʿUthman (1822–1862)
This chapter deals with the period from 1822, the year that Sayyid ʿUthman was born in Batavia, until 1862, the year that he returned from the Middle East to his native city. On the basis of theExpand
1 An Indigenous Biography: The Qamar al-zaman
The most complete sources for the biography of Sayyid ʿUthman are two life stories in Malay, written shortly after he had passed away in 1914. These texts, entitled the Suluh zaman and the QamarExpand