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We report deep Green Bank Telescope spectroscopy in the redshifted NH3 (1,1), CS 1-0, and H2CO 000-101 lines from the z ~ 0.685 absorber toward B0218+357. The inversion (NH3) and rotational (CS,Expand
A deep search for 21-cm absorption in high redshift damped Lyman-alpha systems
We present deep GMRT 21-cm absorption spectra of 10 damped Lyman- systems (DLAs), of which 8 are at redshifts z> 1:3. HI absorption was detected in only one DLA, the z= 0:5318 absorber toward PKSExpand
Constraints on changes in fundamental constants from a cosmologically distant OH absorber or emitter.
The four 18 cm OH lines from the z approximaetely 0.765 gravitational lens toward PMN J0134-0931 are detected, providing a laboratory to test the evolution of fundamental constants over a large lookback time. Expand
The spin temperature of high-redshift damped Lyman α systems
We report results from a programme aimed at investigating the temperature of neutral gas in high-redshift damped Lyman α absorbers (DLAs). This involved (1) H I 21 cm absorption studies of a largeExpand
The HI Content of the Universe over the Past 10 Gyrs
We use the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) archive of ultraviolet (UV) quasar spectroscopy to conduct the first blind survey for damped Ly-alpha absorbers (DLAs) at low redshift (z = 10^20.3cm-2, whichExpand
Constraints on changes in the proton–electron mass ratio using methanol lines
We report Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) absorption spectroscopy in four methanol (CH3OH) lines in the z = 0.885 82 gravitational lens towards PKS1830-211. Three of the four lines have veryExpand
Implications of 21-cm observations for damped Ly α systems
We present Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope H i 21-cm absorption observations, of candidate and confirmed damped Lyα systems. The derived spin temperatures Tspin are high, in all cases, ∼1000 K orExpand
H i 21-cm absorption at z∼ 3.39 towards PKS 0201+113
We report the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope detection of H I 21-cm absorption from the z ∼ 3.39 damped Lyman α absorber (DLA) towards PKS 0201+113, the highest redshift at which 21-cm absorptionExpand
A search for CII-158$\mu$m line emission in HCM\,6A, a Lyman-$\alpha$ emitter at $z=6.56$
We report a Plateau de Bure interferometer search for CII-158$\mu$m emission from HCM6A, a lensed Lyman-$\alpha$ emitter (LAE) at $z = 6.56$. Our non-detections of CII-158$\mu$m line emission andExpand
HI 21 cm absorption in low $\vec z$ damped Lyman-$\alpha$ systems
We report Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) 21 cm observations of two confirmed and one candidate low redshift damped Lyman- α systems (DLAS). HI absorption was detected in the two confirmedExpand