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Insulated molecular wire with highly conductive pi-conjugated polymer core.
According to time-resolved microwave conductivity and transient absorption spectroscopy measurements, the hole mobility along the pi-conjugated polymer chain of the polyrotaxane thus formed was extremely high and comparable to that in amorphous silicon. Expand
Intramolecular, Site-Selective, Iodine-Mediated, Amination of Unactivated (sp3)C-H Bonds for the Synthesis of Indoline Derivatives.
The Iodine-mediated oxidative intramolecular amination of anilines via cleavage of unactivated (sp3)C-H and N-H bonds for the production of indolines is described. This transition-metal-free approachExpand
Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of alkyl halides.
This tutorial review summarizes recent advances in cross-coupling reactions of alkyl halides and pseudohalides catalyzed by a palladium complex by introducing new effective ligands. Expand
Cross-coupling reaction of alkyl halides with grignard reagents catalyzed by Ni, Pd, or Cu complexes with pi-carbon ligand(s).
  • J. Terao, N. Kambe
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Accounts of chemical research
  • 31 October 2008
New catalytic systems that do not involve M(0) species but proceed via an anionic complex as the key intermediate are developed, and new catalytic reactions use pi-carbon ligands such as pi-allyl units or alkynes instead of heteroatom ligand such as phosphines or amines are extended. Expand
Nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction of grignard reagents with alkyl halides and tosylates: remarkable effect of 1,3-butadienes.
A new method for the cross-coupling reaction of Grignard reagents with alkyl chlorides, bromides, and tosylates has been developed by the use of a nickel catalyst in the presence of a diene as anExpand
Ni- or Cu-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction of alkyl fluorides with Grignard reagents.
Alkyl fluorides efficiently reacted with tertiary alkyl and phenyl Grignard reagents using CuCl2 in the absence of 1,3-butadiene to afford the coupling products in high yields. Expand
Synthesis of organic-soluble conjugated polyrotaxanes by polymerization of linked rotaxanes.
A new method of synthesizing permethylated cyclodextrin-based polyrotaxanes involving the polymerization of linked rotaxane monomers is demonstrated, which are highly soluble in organic solvents and have a high covering ratio, rigidity, and photoluminescence efficiency. Expand