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State of the art in benefit-risk analysis: food and nutrition.
Benefit-risk assessment in food and nutrition is relatively new. It weighs the beneficial and adverse effects that a food (component) may have, in order to facilitate more informed managementExpand
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Understanding heterogeneous preferences of cooperative members
We study the heterogeneity in the preference structure of cooperative members. Using conjoint analysis the utility that members attach to intra-organizational and strategic attributes of theirExpand
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State of the art in benefit-risk analysis: consumer perception.
Benefit and risk perception with respect to food consumption, have been a part of human daily life from beginning of time. In today's society the food chain is long with many different types ofExpand
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State of the art in benefit-risk analysis: food microbiology.
Over the past years benefit-risk analysis (BRA) in relation to foods and food ingredients has gained much attention; in Europe and worldwide. BRA relating to food microbiology is however a relativelyExpand
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Multicriteria analysis and assessment of financial viability of agribusinesses: The case of marketing co‐operatives and juice‐producing companies
Our main purpose here is to assess the viability of Greek companies that operate in the field of agricultural food-production and marketing. More specifically, we present the basic operationalExpand
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Looking beyond borders: integrating best practices in benefit-risk analysis into the field of food and nutrition.
An integrated benefit-risk analysis aims to give guidance in decision situations where benefits do not clearly prevail over risks, and explicit weighing of benefits and risks is thus indicated. TheExpand
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State of the art in benefit-risk analysis: medicines.
Benefit-risk assessment in medicine is a developed practice that is subject to continuous improvement and modernisation. Expand
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State of the art in benefit-risk analysis: economics and marketing-finance.
All market participants (e.g., investors, producers, consumers) accept a certain level of risk as necessary to achieve certain benefits. There are many types of risk including price, production,Expand
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State of the art in benefit-risk analysis: introduction.
Risk-taking is normal in everyday life if there are associated (perceived) benefits. Benefit-Risk Analysis (BRA) compares the risk of a situation to its related benefits and addresses theExpand
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State of the art in benefit-risk analysis: environmental health.
Environmental health assessment covers a broad area: virtually all systematic analysis to support decision making on issues relevant to environment and health. Consequently, various differentExpand
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