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Critical review – Outsourcing: a paradigm shift
Outsourcing of services has been receiving increasing attention in management literature and praxis. It is considered that greatest attention has been given to the enhanced efficiency of transactionExpand
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Trends in Outsourcing:: Contrasting USA and Europe
An international survey of outsourcing contrasts current practice between US and European companies. US companies are identified as pursuing more value adding sourcing strategies while EuropeanExpand
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Outsourcing: Current and future trends
Highlighted are two reasons for outsourcing: cost and focus on the core competencies of the enterprise. Surveying U.S., U.K., and Continental Europe companies concerning current and futureExpand
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Chairman and chief executive officer (CEO): that sacred and secret relationship
Purpose – To examine an under‐researched area, namely the dynamics of chairman‐CEO interrelationship and its effect on the enterprise.Design/methodology/approach – A qualitative methodology has beenExpand
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Sourcing: new face to economies of scale and the emergence of new organizational forms
This paper provides an overview of the thinking behind strategic sourcing and highlights an emerging trend development, namely the centralization of shared services. In so doing, a model highlightingExpand
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A dynamic theory of leadership development
Purpose – This paper aims to offer a dynamic theory of leadership development.Design/methodology/approach – The paper examines selected leadership literature through the lens of theoryExpand
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Gender diversity and board performance: women's experiences and perspectives
Despite considerable progress that organizations have made during the past 20 years to increase the representation of women at board level, they still hold few board seats. Drawing on a qualitativeExpand
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Corporate social responsibility and stakeholder approach: a conceptual review
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the notion of a stakeholder approach are pivotal concepts when examining the role of business in society, but their relationship has been studied and muchExpand
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Reinventing the Democratic Governance Project through Information Technology? A Growing Agenda for Debate
Postindustrial societies have arrived at a moment of immense democratic and entrepreneurial opportunities that has been made possible by information technology. At the same time, however, theseExpand
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Consultant's role: a qualitative inquiry from the consultant's perspective.
Purpose – Many criticisms questioning the role and the efficiency of business consultants have been addressed. However, although a great deal of research has been carried out on business consultancy,Expand
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