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Discrepancies between Sexual Desire and Sexual Activity: Gender Differences and Associations with Relationship Satisfaction
In both sexes, sexual satisfaction with vaginal intercourse as well as kissing and petting was positively associated with relationship satisfaction, whereas higher desired and actual frequency of masturbation were negatively associated withrelationship satisfaction. Expand
The Adult Body: How Age, Gender, and Body Mass Index Are Related to Body Image
It was proposed that it is insufficient to merely study how age affects general body image because adults might become more satisfied with some aspects of their bodies as a function of age and less satisfied with other aspects. Expand
Common Genetic Effects of Gender Atypical Behavior in Childhood and Sexual Orientation in Adulthood: A Study of Finnish Twins
Quantitative genetic analyses showed that variation in both childhood gender atypical behavior and adult sexual orientation was partly due to genetics, with the rest being explained by nonshared environmental effects. Expand
Sadomasochistically Oriented Behavior: Diversity in Practice and Meaning
Humiliation was significantly associated more with females and with heterosexual orientation in men, while hypermasculinity was associated with males and with homosexual orientation inMen. Expand
Female Sexual Function and Its Associations with Number of Children, Pregnancy, and Relationship Satisfaction
Associations between number of children, pregnancy, and overall relationship satisfaction were explored in a population-based sample of 2081 women, aged 33–43 years. Multiparous women had less orgasmExpand
Dynamics of verbal interaction between interviewer and child in interviews with alleged victims of child sexual abuse.
Interestingly, even after the child had provided an informative answer, interviewers continued to rely on focused and leading interviewing methods--in spite of a slight improvement in interviewing behavior. Expand
Behavioural linking of stranger rapes
A sample of serial stranger rape cases ( n = 43) that had occurred in Finland during the years 1983–2001 were studied with the objectives being to: (a) describe the characteristics of the offenders;Expand
Childhood sexual interactions with other children are associated with lower preferred age of sexual partners including sexual interest in children in adulthood
Experiences of childhood physical and sexual abuse were positively related to the extent of the childhood sexual interactions with other children, and the role of conditioning in the development of sexual age preferences was supported. Expand
Disordered Eating and Gender Identity Disorder: A Qualitative Study
Gender reassignment was primarily perceived as alleviating symptoms of disordered eating, and strive for thinness was most frequently described as an attempt to suppress features of one's biological gender, or accentuate features of the desired gender. Expand
Conflicted Gender Identity, Body Dissatisfaction, and Disordered Eating in Adult Men and Women
The relation between gender identity and body dissatisfaction as well as disordered eating was examined in a population-based sample of Finnish adults aged 18 to 44 years (N = 1,142). ParticipantsExpand