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Association of a badnavirus with citrus mosaic disease in India
A previously unreported badnavirus was found to be associated with a mosaic disease occurring commonly in orchard trees and nursery plants of citrus in India. The virus had 30 x 150 nm nonenvelopedExpand
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Further Studies of Citrus Seedling Yellows Virus in the Deccan Trap Country
Seedling yellows virus was isolated from a declining ‘Mosambi’ sweet orange tree by using Toxoptera citricida (Kirk.) and maintained in culture in Mexican lime seedlings designated ASY source plants.Expand
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Dichotomy of ill a fruit bat, lymphocyte population and cell-mediated immune responses Pteropus giganteus
Dichotomy of lymphocyte population in the line of T and B cells in a fruit bat, Pteropus giganteus has been shown by differential cytotoxic killing with anti-lymphocyte serum and the serum afterExpand
Mechanically Transmitted Virus Disease of Citrus New To India
Some trees of sweet orange and Kagzi lime at Kodur and Shrirampur, Lisbon lemon at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, and lemon and Lisbon lemon trees at Chethali, Karnataka, showingExpand
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