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Choco: an Open Source Java Constraint Programming Library
Choco is a java library for constraint satisfaction problems (CSP), constraint programming (CP) and explanation-based constraint solving (e-CP). Expand
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Constraint Solving in Uncertain and Dynamic Environments: A Survey
This article follows a tutorial, given by the authors on dynamic constraint solving at CP 2003 (Ninth International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming) in Kinsale, Ireland (Verfaillie, G., & Jussien, N.). Expand
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Maintaining Arc-Consistency within Dynamic Backtracking
Mac-dbt is able to solve very large problems and that it remains very stable as the size of the problems increases. Expand
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Local search with constraint propagation and conflict-based heuristics
Search algorithms for solving CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problems) usually fall into one of two main families: local search algorithms and systematic algorithms. Both families have theirExpand
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The PaLM system: explanation-based constraint programming
This paper presents the PaLM system, an implementation of an explanation-based constraint programming system in choco [16], a constraint programming layer on top of claire. Expand
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Solving a real-time allocation problem with constraint programming
In this paper, we present an original approach (CPRTA) based on constraint programming to solve a static allocation problem of hard real-time tasks. Expand
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The versatility of using explanations within constraint programming
We advocate the use of explanations within constraint programming and introduce a new general explanation-based search technique that can be used to design efficient algorithms. Expand
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Two-Dimensional Pickup and Delivery Routing Problem with Loading Constraints
In this paper, a special case of the vehicle routing problem in which the demands consist in a set of rectangular two-dimensional weighted items is considered. The vehicles have a two-dimensionalExpand
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E-constraints: Explanation-based constraint programming
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