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Forms of Constraint: A History of Prison Architecture
From musty medieval dungeons to modern concrete cellblocks, prison architecture reveals much about how a society sees fit to control and contain those who transgress its boundaries. "Forms ofExpand
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Identification of bacteria associated with feline chronic gingivostomatitis using culture-dependent and culture-independent methods.
Feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the oral cavity that causes severe pain and distress. There are currently no specific treatment methods available andExpand
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Matrix Resin Effects in Composite Delamination: Mode I Fracture Aspects
A number of thermoset, toughened thermoset, and thermoplastic resin matrix systems were characterized for Mode I critical strain energy release rates, and their composites were tested forExpand
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The World’s Most Influential Prison: Success or Failure?
This article traces both the history and worldwide influence of a system of complete separation of prisoners from each other during their entire sentence and the unique architecture developed andExpand
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Preparation and Characterization of Polyimide/Organoclay Nanocomposites
Organically modified montmorrillonite clay, containing a long chain aliphatic quarternary ammonium cation, was used to prepare polyimide/organoclay hybrids. Several approaches were examined in anExpand
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Evolving Function
This article explores the usages of imprisonment, both de facto and de jure, from its earliest recorded use 3,000 years ago down to recent times. Early scattered use, unreflected in the statutes, wasExpand
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Hybrid Composites for LH2 Fuel Tank Structure
The application of lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) as structure for cryogenic fuel tanks is critical to the success of the next generation of Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLV). TheExpand
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NASA Composite Materials Development: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges
Composite materials have emerged as the materials of choice for increasing the performance and reducing the weight and cost of military, general aviation, and transport aircraft and space launchExpand
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Processing and Properties of IM7/LARC ™ -RP46 Polyimide Composites
LARC™-RP46 resin system is a PMR type polyimide and is prepared by replacing methylenedianiline in the PMR-15 composition with 3,4′-oxydianiline. This resin system retains the same processingExpand
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Determination of interlaminar fracture toughness and fracture mode dependence of composites using the edge delamination test
The mixed-mode interlaminar fracture toughness, Gc, of graphite epoxy laminates was measured using the edge delamination test. Unnotched [±35/0/90]s and [0/±35/90]s laminates with graphite fibers andExpand
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