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Mullerian duct anomalies presenting with primary amenorrhoea
Background: Primary amenorrhoea is defined as the absence of menstruation by 14 years of age when there is no visible development of secondary sexual characteristics or by 16 years of age in theExpand
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Regio‐Selective Chemical‐Enzymatic Synthesis of Pyrimidine Nucleotides Facilitates RNA Structure and Dynamics Studies
Isotope labeling has revolutionized NMR studies of small nucleic acids, but to extend this technology to larger RNAs, site‐specific labeling tools to expedite NMR structural and dynamics studies areExpand
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Redox-dependent conformational selection in a Cys4Fe2S2 ferredoxin.
Putidaredoxin (Pdx), a Cys4Fe2S2 ferredoxin from Pseudomonas putida, exhibits redox-dependent binding to its physiological redox partner, cytochrome P450(cam) (CYP101), with the reduced form of PdxExpand
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Heterogeneity and dynamics of the ligand recognition mode in purine-sensing riboswitches.
High-resolution crystal structures and biophysical analyses of purine-sensing riboswitches have revealed that a network of hydrogen bonding interactions appear to be largey responsible forExpand
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Effects of Advanced Maternal Age and Race/Ethnicity on Placental Weight and Placental Weight/Birthweight Ratio in Very Low Birthweight Infants
To study the association of advanced maternal age (AMA) and race/ethnicity on placental pathology in very low birthweight (VLBW) infants. Retrospective analysis of placental pathology of inbornExpand
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Can Metabolic Factors be used Prognostically for Short-Term Mortality in HIV-Infected Patients?
Background: Metabolic abnormalities are common throughout the course of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and may occur either due to HIV infection or as a result of side effects ofExpand
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An epidemiological analysis of cervical cancer in women age less than 30 years and their prognosis, a regional cancer center experience
Objective: Cervical cancer though common among the developing world, still very few data is available for young patients with cervical cancer. This paper attempts to evaluate the epidemiology withExpand
Twin pregnancies : Maternal and perinatal outcome in a tertiary health centre
Background: Twin gestation brings double happiness but at the same time implies twice the unforeseen complications to the health of the mother and the fetus. Objective: To study the maternal andExpand
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Study of obstetric and fetal outcome of post caesarean pregnancy
Background: With the sky rocketing caesarean section rates an increasing number of women face the issue of mode of delivery in their current pregnancy. There are conflicting reports regarding theExpand
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