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Inverse Jiles-Atherton vector hysteresis model
In this paper, we present a new vector hysteresis model, which is derived from the original Jiles-Atherton scalar one. The model presents the magnetic vector induction as the independent variable. AExpand
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Real coded genetic algorithm for Jiles-Atherton model parameters identification
The parameters set of the Jiles-Atherton hysteresis model is identified by using a real coded genetic algorithm. The parameters identification is performed by minimizing the mean squared errorExpand
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Synchronous Generator Fault Investigation by Experimental and Finite-Element Procedures
The finite-element calculations and experimental measurements are employed in this paper to detect faults in a two-pole synchronous generator. Expand
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Evaluation of Hysteresis Losses in Iron Sheets Under DC-biased Inductions
A methodology to evaluate hysteresis losses in iron sheets under dc-biased inductions is presented in this work. Based on several experimental investigations of six different iron sheets used in theExpand
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Performance Analysis with Power Factor Compensation of a 75 kW Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator Prototype
This paper presents an analysis of a 75 kW brushless doubly fed induction generator (BDFIG) prototype. Experimental results are presented for the prototype in the cascade mode that enables aExpand
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Analysis of Magnetic Hysteresis Loops under Sinusoidal and PWM Voltage Waveforms
The main goal of this paper is to analyze and compare the evolution of magnetic hysteresis losses in silicon-steel sheets submitted to three different supplies: sinusoidal and two and three-level PWMExpand
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Rogowski coil current meters
This study has analyzed the performance of an alternating electric current measuring system using a Rogowski coil as a transducer, applied to magnitudes of milliamps to hundreds of amperes. It hasExpand
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Influence of rotor design and geometric parameter variation on global performance of Brushless Doubly-Fed Reluctance Machines
The Brushless Doubly-Fed Reluctance Machine (BD-FRM) is a potential candidate to compete with induction and permanent magnet machines in variable speed application such as wind power. It is inExpand
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Core Tester Iron Losses Segregation by Finite Element Modeling
A new designed core tester and its feeding and control devices for losses evaluation on mounted single phase induction motor stators is presented in this paper. Expand
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Magnetic Hysteresis Under Compressive Stress: A Multiscale-Jiles–Atherton Approach
Based on multiscale modeling of the anhysteretic magnetization considering mechanical stress and crystallographic texture effects, an extension of the Jiles–Atherton (J-A) hysteresis model isExpand
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