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Potts models with invisible states on general Bethe lattices
The number of so-called invisible states which need to be added to the q-state Potts model to transmute its phase transition from continuous to first order has attracted recent attention. In the q =Expand
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Radiation processes accompanying the axially channeled positrons. Problem of stimulation of resonant transitions between different quantum states
An analytical expression is received for the effective interaction potential of a fast charged particle with the ionic crystal CsCl near the direction of axis ⟨100⟩ as a function of the temperatureExpand
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Laser cooling of electrons and X-ray generation in a relativistic quantum heat engine
We consider a relativistic quantum heat engine that goes through a thermodynamical cycle consisting of stages involving laser-assisted cooling of electrons and the generation of X-ray radiation.Expand
Detection of casimir photons with electrons
We propose a method for the detection of a dynamical Casimir effect. Assuming that the Casimir photons are being generated in an electromagnetic cavity with a vibrating wall (dynamical CasimirExpand
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