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Highly efficient and selective transport of methylene blue through a bulk liquid membrane containing Cyanex 301 as carrier
Abstract A bulk liquid membrane (BLM) system contained bis(2,4,4-trimethyl pentyl) dithiophosphinic acid (cyanex 301) as carrier and Triton-X-114 as nonionic surfactant was utilized for transport ofExpand
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Geoelectrical Resistivity Method for Salt/Brackish Water Mapping
A 2D geoelectrical resistivity method was used for detecting and mapping occurrence of salt/brackish water in the subsurface, North Kelantan - Malaysia. The North Kelantan plain is covered withExpand
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Permian ultrafelsic A-type granite from Besar Islands group, Johor, peninsular Malaysia
The granitic rocks of the peninsula have traditionally been divided into two provinces, i.e., Western and Eastern provinces, corresponding to S- and I-type granite respectively. The Western ProvinceExpand
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Integrated geoelectrical resistivity, hydrochemical and soil property analysis methods to study shallow groundwater in the agriculture area, Machang, Malaysia
Integrated geoelectrical resistivity, hydrochemical and soil property analysis methods were used to study the groundwater characteristics of sandy soils within a shallow aquifer in the agricultureExpand
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Simulation of groundwater level through artificial intelligence system
Individually applying intelligent calculating tools, such as artificial neural network and fuzzy logic techniques, to a variety of problems is confirmed to be efficient. Recently, a growing interestExpand
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Application of the Artificial Neural Network and Neuro‐fuzzy System for Assessment of Groundwater Quality
One of the most important aspects of the evaluation of any aquatic system is the simulation of water quality parameters. Recently, artificial intelligence methods have been broadly applied toExpand
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Time lapse chemical fertilizer monitoring in agriculture sandy soil
Geoelectrical resistivity, hydrogeochemical and soil properties analysis methods were used for chemical fertilizer monitoring in sandy soil at a palm oil plantation in Machang, Malaysia. The timeExpand
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Groundwater quality assessment of a freshwater wetland in the Selangor (Malaysia) using electrical resistivity and chemical analysis
Groundwater quality of the Paya Indah Wetland (PIW) was targeted for the present study using integrated two-dimensional electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) and hydrochemical surveys. ElectricalExpand
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Integrated geoelectrical resistivity, hydrogeochemical and soil properties analysis methods were used to study the area that has been applied with fertilization for long duration andExpand
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Artificial neural network technique for modeling of groundwaterlevel in Langat Basin, Malaysia
Forecasting of groundwater level variations is a significantly needed in groundwater resource management. Precise water level prediction assists in practical and optimal usage of water resources. TheExpand
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