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Protein phosphatase 2A-linked and -unlinked caspase-dependent pathways for downregulation of Akt kinase triggered by 4-hydroxynonenal
AbstractWe studied the signal pathways for regulation of serine/threonine protein kinase Akt in Jurkat cells that had been treated with 4-hydroxynonenal (HNE) for caspase-dependent apoptosisExpand
Distinct involvement of NF‐κB and p38 mitogen‐activated protein kinase pathways in serum deprivation‐mediated stimulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase and its inhibition by 4‐hydroxynonenal
Cytokine‐induced expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) and concomitant production of nitric oxide (NO) involve activation of mitogen‐activated protein (MAP) kinases and are in mostExpand
Antioxidant constituents in distillation residue of Awamori spirits.
Constituents in a distillation residue of Awamori (millet spirits) and their antioxidant activity are investigated in this study. The supernatant of the distillation residue obtained byExpand
Positive inotropic effect of purified green tea catechin derivative in guinea pig hearts: the measurements of cellular Ca2+ and nitric oxide release.
Each individual and pure catechin isolated from green tea was investigated as to its myocardial or blood pressure effects. The nitric oxide (NO) electrode and fluorometry were used to monitor changesExpand
Protective role of nitric oxide synthase against ischemia-reperfusion injury in guinea pig myocardial mitochondria.
In guinea-pig myocardial mitochondria preparation, lowering the Ca2+ concentration or pH level in the perfusate rapidly elevated the fura-2 Ca2+ signal ([Ca2+]m). Pretreatment with 10(-4) M L-ArgExpand
Protective effects of antioxidative serotonin derivatives isolated from safflower against postischemic myocardial dysfunction
N-(p-Coumaroyl)serotonin (C) and N-feruroylserotonin (F) with antioxidative activity are present in safflower oil. The protective effects of C and F were investigated in perfused guinea-pigExpand
Role of neuropeptide Y and its receptor subtypes in neurogenic pulmonary edema.
The effect of neuropeptide Y on the number of perivascular carbon deposits, assessed as a measure of lung vascular permeability, was examined in isolated perfused lung preparations of rats. TheExpand
Capsaicin-sensitive nerves exert an inhibitory effect on the development of fibrin-induced pulmonary edema in rats.
This study was undertaken to evaluate the role of vagal nerves in the development of neurogenic pulmonary edema. We injected fibrinogen and thrombin into the cisterna magna of rats, a model ofExpand
4-hydroxynonenal induces a cellular redox status-related activation of the caspase cascade for apoptotic cell death.
4-Hydroxynonenal (HNE), a diffusible product of lipid peroxidation, has been suggested to be a key mediator of oxidative stress-induced cell death. In this study, we partially characterized theExpand
Protective effects of EGCg or GCg, a green tea catechin epimer, against postischemic myocardial dysfunction in guinea-pig hearts.
The protective effects of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCg) or the C-2 epimer, (-)-gallocatechin-3-gallate (GCg), afforded by their antioxidative activity among green tea catechins wereExpand