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Putative ACP Phosphodiesterase Gene (acpD) Encodes an Azoreductase*
An FMN-dependent NADH-azoreductase ofEscherichia coli was purified and analyzed for identification of the gene responsible for azo reduction by microorganisms. The N-terminal sequence of theExpand
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U Box Proteins as a New Family of Ubiquitin-Protein Ligases*
The U box is a domain of ∼70 amino acids that is present in proteins from yeast to humans. The prototype U box protein, yeast Ufd2, was identified as a ubiquitin chain assembly factor that cooperatesExpand
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Molecular physiology and pathology of the nucleotide sugar transporter family (SLC35)
The solute carrier family SLC35 consists of at least 17 molecular species in humans. The family members so far characterized encode nucleotide sugar transporters localizing at the Golgi apparatusExpand
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Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel isoform of the human UDP-galactose transporter, and of related complementary DNAs belonging to the nucleotide-sugar transporter gene family.
We described recently the molecular cloning of human UDP-galactose transporter 1 (hUGT1) [Miura, N. et al. (1996) J. Biochem. 120, 236-241]. Now we have characterized its isoform, hUGT2, that is mostExpand
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Sequence of 2,617 nucleotides from the 3' end of Newcastle disease virus genome RNA and the predicted amino acid sequence of viral NP protein.
DNA fragments complementary to the Newcastle disease virus genome (strain D26) were cloned and sequenced. The sequence of 2,617 nucleotides from the 3' end of the genome was determined and an openExpand
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Association of the Golgi UDP-galactose transporter with UDP-galactose:ceramide galactosyltransferase allows UDP-galactose import in the endoplasmic reticulum.
UDP-galactose reaches the Golgi lumen through the UDP-galactose transporter (UGT) and is used for the galactosylation of proteins and lipids. Ceramides and diglycerides are galactosylated within theExpand
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Molecular cloning and functional expression of the human Golgi UDP-N-acetylglucosamine transporter.
We have cloned the human UDP-N-acetylglucosamine (UDP-GlcNAc) transporter cDNA, which was recognized through a homology search in the expressed sequence tags database (dbEST) based on its similarityExpand
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Hypoxia induces adhesion molecules on cancer cells: A missing link between Warburg effect and induction of selectin-ligand carbohydrates.
Cancer cells undergo distinct metabolic changes to cope with their hypoxic environment. These changes are achieved at least partly by the action of transcriptional factors called hypoxia-inducibleExpand
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Molecular characterization of human UDP‐glucuronic acid/UDP‐N‐acetylgalactosamine transporter, a novel nucleotide sugar transporter with dual substrate specificity
A novel human nucleotide sugar transporter (NST) which transports both UDP‐glucuronic acid (UDP‐GlcA) and UDP‐N‐acetylgalactosamine (UDP‐GalNAc) has been identified, cloned and characterized. TheExpand
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Human UDP-galactose translocator: molecular cloning of a complementary DNA that complements the genetic defect of a mutant cell line deficient in UDP-galactose translocator.
We have cloned a cDNA that codes for a putative human UDP-galactose translocator (UGT) protein. The cDNA contained an open reading frame of 1,179 base pairs encoding a novel protein of 393 aminoExpand
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