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A novel BEOL transistor (BETr) with InGaZnO embedded in Cu-interconnects for on-chip high voltage I/Os in standard CMOS LSIs
A novel BEOL transistor (BETr) is developed in Cu interconnects with wide band-gap InGaZnO (IGZO) film for on-chip high voltage I/Os in standard CMOS LSIs only by one additional mask. Underlying CuExpand
Highly reliable BEOL-transistor with oxygen-controlled InGaZnO and Gate/Drain offset design for high/low voltage bridging I/O operations
Reliability of BEOL-transistors with a wide-gap oxide semiconductor InGaZnO (IGZO) film, integrated on LSI Cu-interconnects, is intensively discussed in terms of application to on-chip bridging I/OsExpand
Analysis of Interface States in LaSixOy Metal–Insulator–Semiconductor Structures
Using a comprehensive model to simulate interface state effects on metal–insulator–semiconductor (MIS) device in capacitance–voltage (C–V) behavior, interface properties of LaSixOy gate dielectricExpand
Highly reliable, 65 nm-node Cu dual damascene interconnects with full porous-SiOCH (k=2.5) films for low-power ASICs
Fully-scaled-down, 65nm-node Cu dual damascene interconnects (DDIs) with 180nm/200nm-pitched lines and 100nm/sup /spl phi//-vias have been developed in full porous-SiOCH films (k=2.5). Two newExpand
A novel cylinder-type MIM capacitor in porous low-k film (CAPL) for embedded DRAM with advanced CMOS logics
A novel cylinder-type metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor in porous low-k film (CAPL) is proposed for embedded DRAMs (eDRAMs). The CAPL removes long bypass-contacts (BCT) with high resistance,Expand
Effects of metal-cap coverage on electro-migration (EM) tolerance for scaled-down Cu interconnects
Ultra-high electro-migration tolerant Cu interconnect was achieved by full-coverage metal-cap combined with a porous low-k film having a closed-pore structure such as a molecular-pore-stack (MPS)Expand
Plasma Co-polymerization Technology with Molecular-level Structure Tightening in "In-situ" SiOCH Stacks for 32nm-node Cu Interconnects
A novel plasma co-polymerization technology, using flexibly-mixed molecular gas of chain-type vinyl-siloxane and 6-membered ring-type one, has been developed for new seamless low-k SiOCH stacksExpand
Low thermal-budget process of sputtered-PZT capacitor over multilevel metallization
A low thermal-budget process for fabricating a Pb(Zr, Ti)O/sub 3/ (PZT) capacitor is investigated for application as an embedded FeRAM capacitor on multilevel interconnects. We find that oxygenExpand
Highly Reliable Thin MIM Capacitor on Metal (CoM) Structure with Vertical Scalability for Analog/RF Applications
Highly reliable thin MIM capacitor on metal (CoM) structure has been developed to be fitted in scaled-down Cu BEOLs without any change in the interconnect structure. The 100 nm-thin CoM structure,Expand
Improvement of Uniformity and Reliability of Scaled-Down Cu Interconnects with Carbon-Rich Low-k Films
Highly selective dry-etching processes are developed for conventional via-first (VF) pattering sequences to fabricate reliable Cu dual-damascene interconnects (DDI) in carbon-rich low-k films, suchExpand