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DSP-based optical access approaches for enhancing NG-PON2 systems
Motivated by recent progress in next-generation PON2, or NG-PON2, standardization, this article reviews digital signal processing technologies to further enhance NG-PON2 systems by realizing flexibleExpand
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Co-existent downstream scheme between OOK and QAM signals in an optical access network using software-defined technology
We propose a flexible multiplexing system that assigns bit of symbol in multi-level modulation and time slot dynamically in PON. And we demonstrated successfully a simultaneous downstream scheme forExpand
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Feasibility Study on a Scheme for Coexistence of DSP-Based PON and 10-Gbps/λ PON Using Hierarchical Star QAM Format
This paper presents a downlink scheme that permits the coexistence, on a passive optical network branch, of future DSP-based optical network units (ONUs) that can receive advanced modulation signalsExpand
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Service rate matching optical receiver module with bit rates over 40Gb/s for PS-based WDM PON systems
We propose a service rate matching optical receiver module for PS-based WDM PON systems that offer maximum bit rates of over 40 Gb/s. Proposed module provides line rate flexibility with low powerExpand
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Star-QAM Constellation Design for Hierarchically Modulated PON Systems With 20-Gbps PSK and 10-Gbps OOK Signals
In this paper, we show an effective star-QAM constellation in terms of the allowable range of the extinction ratio for hierarchically modulated PON systems that overlay a 20-Gbps PSK signal on aExpand
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Two-phased capacity upgrade method for NG-PON2 with hierarchical star 8-QAM and square 16-QAM
We propose a two-phased upgrade method of capacity per wavelength in NG-PON2. Coexistence with conventional NG-PON2 ONUs and a higher capacity are realized using star 8-QAM and square 16-QAM inExpand
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Advanced DSP for optical access networks: Challenges and opportunities
Employing DSP technology is an attractive way to enhance standardized 10-Gbps per wavelength PONs toward the converged optical-wireless network. For TDM-based co-existence of digital coherent PON andExpand
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A novel WDM-based optical access network with high energy efficiency using Elastic OLT
This paper presents a novel access network architecture that includes the concept of “Elastic OLT” with a view to saving power. This architecture saves power by adapting to the physical rate of theExpand
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A WDM-Based Future Optical Access Network and Support Technologies for Adapting the User Demands' Diversity
We propose the network on demand concept to yield the optical access network system that well handles the diversity in user demands and support technologies such as module and devices configuration.Expand
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Real-time demonstration of 30 Gbit/s hierarchical star 8-QAM passive optical network employing fractionally-spaced signed-error radius directed equalisation
Real-time demonstration of 30 Gbit/s hierarchical star 8-quadrature amplitude modulation optical access system is presented. By incorporating a novel signed-error radius directed equalisationExpand
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