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Surface modification of silicon nitride nanofibers with titanium nitride particles
Silicon nitride nanofibers coated with titanium nitride particles are formed by deposition of TiO(OH)2 and Ti(O)2(OH)2 using controlled hydrolysis of TiCl4 followed by nitriding in an NH3 flow. The
The renal enzyme system of hyaluronate hydrolases and GAG in detail is investigated, finding that the renal papilla interstitium of homozygous rats contains greatly reduced amounts of GAG when compared with normal or heterozygous ones.
[Morphohistochemical analysis of secretory elements of the olfactory epithelium of marine fish].
Essential species-specific differences are revealed in distribution, combinations, size and amount of the secretory elements per one unit of the olfactory lining surface in fishes of various ecology and different systemic position.
Functional State of the Praeoptico-Hypophyseal Neurosecretory System (PHNS) of the Prespawning Lake Whitefish, Coregonus autumnalis migratorius G.
The PHNS of the lake whitefish appears to be involved with prespawning activities of the fish, and supports the idea of a possible influence of the peptide neurohormones on the CNS (neurotropic effect).
[Preoptic-hypophyseal neurosecretory system of the Baikal salmon, Coregonus autumnalis migratorius, during the prespawning period].
During spawning migration, females exhibit more, significant decrease in the bulk of neurosecretory substance in the neurohypophysis, which is presumably associated with higher energy expenditures for the completion of ovogenesis.
[Localization of beta-glucuronidase in the kidney of the white rat after administration of the antidiuretic hormone].
Distribution of beta-glucuronidase, one of three enzymes of hyaluronate hydrolases (HH) that hydrolyze extracellular glycosamine glycans (GAG), has been studied in the intact white rat kidney and
[The glycosaminoglycan-glycanohydrolase system in the renal tissue of Brattleboro rats with a hereditary defect in antidiuretic hormone synthesis].
Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) content in the kidney of homo (DI) Brattleboro rats was shown to be minimal whereas the activity of glycanohydrolases (GH) in the papilla of diabetic rats was comparatively