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[Effects of memantine on convulsive reactions and sleep-waking cycle in Krushinskiĭ-Molodkina strain rats with the inherited predisposition to audiogenic convulsions].
Krushinskii-Molodkina strain rats have an inherited predisposition to audiogenic convulsions and are used as a natural animal model in the anticonvulsive drugs studies. We have investigated whetherExpand
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[Role of NMDA and AMPA glutamate receptors in the mechanism of korazol-induced convulsions in mice].
The potency of mono- and dikationic derivatives of adamantane and phenylcyclohexyl to prevent seizures induced in mice by intraperitoneal administration of 80 mg/kg pentylenetetrazol (corazol), wasExpand
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[The effect of ionotropic glutamate receptor antagonist on pentylenetetrazole-indused seizures in Krushinsky-Molodkina rats].
Krushinsky-Molodkina (KM) rats exhibit inherited susceptibility to audiogenic seizures and auditory stimuli induce generalized tonic-clonic seizures that resemble human epilepsy. The aim of thisExpand
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[The action of ionotropic glutamate receptor channel blockers on effects of sleep deprivation in rats].
The action of non-competitive glutamate receptor antagonists on the effects of sleep deprivation has been studied on Krushinskii-Molodkina rats having an inherited predisposition to audiogenicExpand
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[Mechanisms of blockade of glutamate receptors channels: the significance for structural and physiological investigations].
The mechanism of blocking effect of phenylcyclohexyl derivative, IEM-1925, on ionotropic glutamate receptors of the NMDA and AMPA types has been studied on the rat isolated brain neurons. TheExpand
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[The blockade of glutaminergic and cholinergic ion channels by adamantane derivatives].
It has been shown that a homologous series of adamantane derivatives of general structure Ad-CH2-N+H2-(CH2)5-N+R3, where Ad, adamantane, R varied from H (hydrogen) to t-Bu (tertiary butyl), blocksExpand
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[Structural characteristics of ionotropic glutamate receptors revealed by channel blockade].
The topography of the channel binding site in glutamate receptors (AMPA and NMDA types of rat brain neurons, receptors of molluscan neurons and insect muscle), and in two subtypes of nicotinicExpand
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[Effects of blockade of ionotropic glutamate receptors on the development of pentylenetetrazole kindling in mice].
Effects of mono- and dicationic derivatives of adamantane and phenylcyclohexyl on the petyleneterazole-induced (35 mg/kg i. p.) kindling were studied in the experiments on mice. MonocationicExpand
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[Comparison of the anticonvulsant activity of organic mono- and di-cations and their potential to inhibit NMDA and AMPA glutamate receptors].
Effects of mono- and dicationic derivatives of adamantine and phenylcyclohexyl were studied on: (i) open channels of NMDA and AMPA glutamate receptors in the experiments on the isolated rat brainExpand
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