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Meso-Neoproterozoic petroleum systems of the Eastern Siberian sedimentary basins
Abstract The elements of the petroleum systems of the Siberian platform have been formed in the course of geological evolution in Meso- and Neoproterozoic time and correspond to the supercontinentExpand
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The main types of sections of the oil-bearing Bazhenov Formation on the Northeastern Surgut Arch
The lithological study of the core samples of the Bazhenov Formation that are exposed on the northeastern Surgut arch allowed us to distinguish three types of sections, which are ascribed to theExpand
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New data on the biostratigraphy and facies types of upper carboniferous Domanik sections in the Volga–Ural basin
New data on the biostratigraphy and facies types of Domanik sections in the Volga–Ural basin are discussed with the description of four types of sections that reflect different depositionalExpand
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Dielectric strength of triggered vacuum switches with six-gap electrode system
Switching conditions influence on dielectric strength of internal insulation of high-current triggered vacuum switches with a trapezoidal rod electrode system is investigated. Investigations wereExpand
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Development of a high-current pulsed electric discharge in vacuum
The development of a triggered vacuum discharge is studied experimentally over a half-period of a sinusoidal current pulse of length 850 ns with a rate of current increase dI/dt of up to 5Expand
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The structure and genesis of limestones at the boundary between the Abalak and Bazhenov formations in Central West Siberia
In the central West-Siberian basin, fractured and cavernous carbonate rocks that are often oilbearing, which are referred to as correlation layer 1 (CL1), are frequently present at the top of theExpand
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Fracturing in the high-carbon formation of the northern flank of the South-Tatar arch
The problem of studying the Domanik deposits and their reservoir potential is among the most important ones. The discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in similar rocks at various depths, the considerableExpand
Comparison of the Domanic Outcrops in the Volga-Ural and Timan-Pechora Basins
Domanic (and domanicoid) deposits are of great interest to researchers and oil producing companies, since they possess authigenic oil and gas contents. This work presents the results of studying theExpand
The lithological–geochemical characteristics for the Permian oil-and-gas bearing complex of the Lena-Anabar trough (based on the example of Ust’-Olenekskaya well no. 2370)
Lithofacies of different geneses are identified in a section of Permian deposits based on the study of the core material; the best reservoirs in the Permian complex of the Lena-Anabar trough areExpand