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Drug resistance of common bacteria isolated from blood and bone marrow
Objective: To analyze drug resistance anddi stribution of common bacteria from blood and bone marrow. Methods: Bacterialstrains (883) were isolated from blood and bone marrow and teste d by using K-BExpand
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Synthesis and application of PLGA labeled with 125I
  • N. Hua
  • Chemistry
  • 1 February 2006
Abstract The weight loss in vivo degradation of poly (lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) radiolabeled with 125I was investigated. PLGA with molecular weight (Mw) of 84000(LA/GA = 85/15) were labeled withExpand
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On the Positive Almost Periodic Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Lotka-Volterra Type System with Feedback Control
With the help of the variable substitution and applying the fixed point theorem, we derive the sufficient conditions which guarantee the existence of the positive almost periodic solutions for Lotka-Volterra type system. Expand
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Determination of glycyrrhizic acid and icariin in Yu-lin Mixture by HPLC
Objective: To establish a method for quality control of Yu-lin Mixture.Methods: The contents of glycyrrhizic acid and icariin were determinated by HPLC.Result: Methods of the qualitativeExpand
Determination of chlorogenic acid and ferlic acid in Gout Granule by high performance liquid chromatorgraphy
Objective:To establish a method for simultaneous determination of chlorogenic acid and ferlic acid in Gout Granule.Methods:High performance liquid chromatorgraphy(HPLC) was used to determine theExpand
Study Advances in Traditional Chinese Medicines Used in Diabetic Refractory Wounds
Refractory wounds are the common complication of diabetes,and the therapeutic scheme and methods are paid more and more attention nowadays. The influence of traditional Chinese medicines on diabeticExpand
Effect on Yu-Lin mixture on estradiol,progesterone of endometriotic rats
Objective:To study the effect and mechanism of Yu-Lin mixture in treatment of endometriosis.Methods:Rat endometriosis model was set up by self-endometria transplantation,serumExpand
HPLC FingerPrints of Yu-Lin mixture
AIM:To set up the fingerprint chromatograms of Yu-Lin mixture by HPLC.METHODS:The chromatographic seperation was performed on an ZORBAX SB-C18 column(4.6×150mm,5μm)with a mobile phase consisting ofExpand
Study on HPLC Fingerprint of Tongfeng Granules
OBJECTIVE:To establish HPLC fingerprint of Tongfeng granules,and to provide reference for the quality control of it.METHODS:The chromatography conditions consisted of ZORBAX SB-C18(150 mm×4.6 mm,5Expand
Study on the adsorption capacity of different macroporous adsorbing resin for the chemical components of Er-xian decoction extract
Objective: To select the optimal macroporous adsorbing resin for adsorbing active components in Er-xian decoction.Methods: UV spectrophotometry was employed to determine the adsorption capacity ofExpand