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List of Threatened Weeds in the Continental Part of Croatia and their Possible Conservation
SUMMARY List of threatened weed species in terms of IUCN categories of endangerment is presented. This list provides a general insight into problems involved in endangerment of weed flora in theExpand
"Planta Hortifuga" in Flora of the Continental Part of Croatia
Summary Th e term “planta hortifuga“ refers to all cultivated plant species that have escaped from cultivation and grow spontaneously in diff erent natural, semi-natural or manmade habitats. List ofExpand
Ability of Reynoutria japonica Houtt. (Polygonaceae) to accumulate heavy metals.
Background and purpose: Some plants can survive and even very successfully flourish in heavy metal polluted habitats. These plants are suitable to accumulate harmful substances in relatively greatExpand
Flora Croatica : Index florae Croaticae. Pars 3
Rare, endangered or vulnerable plants and neophytes in a drainage system in Croatia
In an extensive network of field and lateral drain channels, in the area of Turopolje and ^rnec Polje, seven locally and generally rare, endangered or vulnerable plants were noted. These are: RicciaExpand
Wild Marigold - Tagetes minuta L., New Weed on the Island of Hvar, and New Contribution to the Knowledge of its Distribution in Dalmatia (Croatia)
Summary Wild marigold (Tagetes minuta L., syn. T. glandulifera, familia Asteraceae) is native to South America and naturalized in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Its presence as an adventiveExpand
Vineyard weed flora in the Jastrebarsko area (NW Croatia)
Vineyard weed flora was surveyed over the wider Jastrebarsko area (a part of Ple{ivica Mountain, north-west part of Croatia), a well known wine-growing area. The survey was carried out in the yearsExpand
Contribution to the knowledge of segetal vegetation from Croatia
The paper deals with the weed communities of cereals in the continental part of Croatia. Three associations were established. They are: Kicxietum (Linarietum) spuriae Krus et Vlieg. 1939, PapaveretumExpand
Fatal colchicine poisoning by accidental ingestion of meadow saffron-case report.
A 62-year-old male died of colchicine poisoning after accidental ingestion of Colchicum autumnale (meadow saffron). He ate a salad of plant with green leaves regarded as wild garlic (Allium ursinum).Expand
New dangerous weed in Croatia: Sicyos angulatus L. (Cucurbitaceae).
Sjevernoamericka biljna vrsta Sicyos angulatus L. (Cucurbitaceae) je jednogodisnja povijusa, penjacica ili puzacica. Ona je kao ukrasna biljka unesena u Europu, ali je mjestimicno odbjegla izExpand