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Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos.
This chapter discusses design and analysis in Benthic Surveys in Environmental Sampling, as well as characterising the Physical Properties of Seabed Habitats, and measuring the Flow of Energy and Matter in Marine benthic Animal Populations. Expand
Methods for the study of marine benthos. IBP Handbook No.16
Methods of Sampling the Benthos
This chapter discusses the two possible approaches for the development of satisfactory quantitative collecting methods, first the improvement of the grab-type of instrument, with particular reference to increasing penetration and the perfection of release gear for the open sea, and second; thedevelopment of a wide-core sampler, like the Knudsen sampler which works satisfactorily in the openSea. Expand
Notes on the condition in September 1978 of some intertidal sands polluted by Amoco Cadiz oil
Abstract At the end of the summer a conspicuous feature of some beaches which had been heavily polluted by AMOCO CADIZ oil six months previously was the strong development of grey or black layersExpand
Resources of the Sea
The Inexhaustible SeaBy Hawthorne Daniel and Francis Minot. Pp. 239 + 25 plates. (London: Macdonald and Co. (Publishers), Ltd., 1955.) 16s. net.
The ‘Torrey Canyon’ stranded on the Seven Stones Reef off Lands End on March 18th, 1967. Within ten days her entire cargoe of 118,000 long tons of Kuwait crude oil had been released on to the sea, orExpand